Happy Mothers Day

10:01 AM

Happy Mothers day Mom!

(yes i know you are reading this because your my "spell checker' )

I could get all mushy and gushy and tell you how much I LOOOOOVEE YOUUUUU and how much you mean to me...

but as you know... I am your child... so..
I got to be at least a LITTLE sarcastic for the time being..

SO without further ado -

Things I love/like about YOU!

  • That you reminds me constantly to put my dishes in the dish washer because with out your constant reminder we would be piled high in dishes
  • That you've started saying things like "what are you going to do when you go to college" and "Oh your husband ("cough cough" tebow "cough") is gonna love that you tend to lose things so easily"
  • That you fill this description -
(especially the last one :) )

  • That as you get old... I get to laugh at you more and more
  • When I get up from the table and walk into another room, you yell "Well, we all can tell where Samantha was eating at the table", because as you know I have a hole in my mouth and sometimes food falls out.
  • For the past few days every time the dog itches you look at me an go "have you seen any fleas on him?" and I reply "Um, no, sorry mom but I don't spend my free time searching the dogs for fleas"
  • I'm thankful you put up with my sarcasm.
  • And dad's sense of humor that he has bestowed upon me

Now, I know you are going to read this, come into to whatever room I am in and thank me :) and tell me you love me.
You'll point out the numerous words I misspelled....

By the way.. "who" was my teacher again???




  1. Hello! Due to the fact that blogger hates me, I have moved my blog to wordpress. Just thought you should know since you follow my blog! Didn't want to think I stop posted and left the blogger world! So come follow me over there if you wish!


    -Marissa from outside the lines

  2. haha!! Love this post! :D

  3. What a beautiful post. I love how other bloggers are taking the time to tell their mothers that they love them.
    I did a post like this on my blog too.


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