Weekend Rap up

12:24 PM

  • Celebrated dads b-day. And I also bought a pretty neat shirt :)

  • Went to a friends grad party at the beach. Had a blast. Even when, in attempt to get me to go farther in the ocean, my friend picked me up in his arms and them dropped me suddenly. It was partly my fault because i had just put on sunscreen so i was slippery ;)

  • Got an amazing dress for my graduation recognition at church :) (thanks mommy ;))

  • Saw ANOTHER great movie. Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - On Stranger Tides-If you haven't seen it you should! Its amazing :D
    POTC: On Stranger Tides Pictures, Images and Photos

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  1. I am glad you said that you enjoyed the new pirates movie, I haven't decided if I can see another one.

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend. :) I love the gif at the end, haha.


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