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Weekend Photos

2:13 PM

Well. This post should be entitled "WeekDAY photos"cause all the photos are from the family outing to Epcot yesterday :)

So. Without further ado........ my weekDAY in photos :)

*excuse the bad clarity of the photos, they are all from my cell phone*

  • Curly hair and a coral top for the day :) Check :)
  • Purple Converse (or my Barney shoes) - Check :D
  • A book for the car ride - also Check :)
  • Yummo fried amazingness. Fish and Chips from London at Epcot. I ALWAYS get them.
  • Isn't this ADORABLE! it is a mini replica of Rapunzel tower from Tangled!

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  1. aw looks like fun! and yes to always having a book for the car ride. :)

  2. These pictures are actually not that bad for cellphone photos. =) I am loving that fried goodness. =)


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