May 2013 - Simply Samantha

I'm back

9:38 PM

I'm back from vacation. There are still bags that need to be unpacked and shoes that are randomly thrown round my room but I'm back!

Its gonna take me a few days to get some post's lined up for ya'll but I'm gonna do it!

Untill then, please enjoy this video of epic cutness.

Luke Bryan dancing with his son.

no lie i looked at Steve and asked if we can name our son Bo. I am not ashamed to admit it.



1:51 PM

Some mornings I look at my dog and I say

"HOW is that comfortable?"

 photo IMG_7156_zps83bfe4d2.jpg

I hope you guys have a great weekend!
 I'm going to be MIA for a view days while I am on vaca with my man :) 
Till next time you guys! 


Ever Thought

10:58 AM

 photo DSC_0415_zps55146c00.jpg

Have you ever had that thought
"How is it, that I have gone so long without knowing 
"this person""

Whether it be a friend or in my case, your significant other (aka, boyfriend,fiance,husband).

Its kind of a weird thought, a neat and kind of mind blowing thought, but nevertheless a weird thought.
I was putting together something for "our" first house (you'll see soon) and I was thinking about who I was this time last year. What i was doing. Who I was hanging out with.
How I didn't even know about this wonderful 6'5'' stud that God would bring into my life 5 months later.
If I had known that, I probably wouldn't have acted so stupid and selfish last summer.
But thats why life and life with Christ is so great. Because you learn from mistakes, stupidness, and selfishness and grow more and learn what God truly has for you.
ITS still though, such a weird thought that you're just going on with life and being single then BAM, you meet the person God has for you to spend the rest of your life with. And you've never met him before in your life until now.

I guess you could label this under a "random thought with Samantha" moment.



12:00 PM

Sometimes. I wounder why I am constantly having to wash my sheets..

The I realize this is the reason.

 photo IMG_7143_zpsa9f609bc.jpg
but he's just so darn cute I dont want to move him.


Requiem: Book Review

11:41 AM

Book Review:

Requiem (Delirium, #3)

This exciting finale to Lauren Oliver's New York Times bestselling Delirium trilogy is a riveting blend of nonstop action and forbidden romance in a dystopian United States.
Now an active member of the resistance, Lena has transformed. The nascent rebellion that was underway in Pandemonium has ignited into an all-out revolution in Requiem, and Lena is at the center of the fight.
After rescuing Julian from a death sentence, Lena and her friends fled to the Wilds. But the Wilds are no longer a safe haven. Pockets of rebellion have opened throughout the country, and the government cannot deny the existence of Invalids. Regulators infiltrate the borderlands to stamp out the rebels.
As Lena navigates the increasingly dangerous terrain of the Wilds, her best friend, Hana, lives a safe, loveless life in Portland as the fiancĂ©e of the young mayor. Requiem is told from both Lena and Hana's points of view. They live side by side in a world that divides them until, at last, their stories converge.
With lyrical writing, Lauren Oliver seamlessly interweaves the peril that Lena faces with the inner tumult she experiences after the reappearance of her first love, Alex, the boy she thought was dead. Sophisticated and wide-ranging, 
Requiem brings the Delirium trilogy to a thrilling conclusion.

My Review:
I ador this series. It's probably one of my favorites. Delirium healed my hunger games "book hangover". So I was very sad to read the end to the trilogy. However, unlike Pandemonium, which i felt kind of drang on and didn't have much action till the last half of the book, Requiem makes up for that. Action and more action and Alex and more action. It was a great end to a great trilogy and you better READ IT! 

 photo SSbooks_zps57ac2ec9.jpg

chick fil a

When being a nerd pays off

1:00 PM

Being a nerd pays off when....

  • You ace any test that requires you to memorize dates and facts because you try your best to do this on a daily basis for things besides school
  • When a teacher assigns a book to read and you dont have to read it because you already did months ago
  • Your parents worry more about you being up late reading then out late with friends
  • The easiest way for your significant other to please you is to buy you a new book or cuddle up and watch star wars together
  • You can become the "cool new girl" within a group of guys because you know about what they are talking about 75% of the time
  • you get a free meal at Chick Fil A because you could identify the person who said the Star wars quote   + the episode it was said in. (yes this did happen to me, my fiance was proud


Random Thoughts

12:00 AM

I feel like it's time to bring back

Random thoughts with Samantha 

Feeling pinkish
-Even though I am short on cash, some days you just walk into Kohls and everything under the sun is cheep and affordable. And pink.

Tired/Grumpy mode
- I am realizing how horrible and grumpy I am in the morning if
1.I dont sleep well the night before,
 2.Things dont go as planned after I awake.
Poor Steve, I apologize in advance for the numerous mornings I wake up grumpy that will most likely be in our future.

-I saw this awesome tea kettle at Target and immediately put it on our wedding registry. More tea for me!
Bella Tea Kettle - White/Blue

I'm to cool for school
-I did really well this semester. Just saying. If it wasn't for stupid statistics though, i would have been a straight A student. Anybody else out there find math troubling?? 

BYE Google Reader :( 
-I'm so sad google reader is going away. Put i found "Feedly" and its 10x more amazing. Check it out here-

I found my someone 

just me

All done

12:00 AM

This semester is now over!

This has been the most exciting semester by far.
I mean, I got engaged no more then 3 weeks in soooo, I would consider that exciting.
I hate people that think community colleges are stupid or not as good as a regular college. Sure there are down sides, but there are a lot of upsides. One is awesome teachers.
I've only had 1 teach my entire 4 semesters at my school that gave me the creeps
 (only cause his grading system sucked). Other then that, my teachers have all been amazing.

For example I have one teacher who I took two semesters in a row, who will let me come eat in her office, or study, or just hang out so I don't have to go to our creepy cafeteria to kill time between classes.

Also what I do like about my college is the people going there (most of the time) are just trying to better their lives. A lot of people I meet are like myself, trying to save their parents money by going to a cheaper school, or getting a degree to help gain a career. Its very encouraging to see.

With that said.
I'm off to nap or go to the beach, or plan wedding stuff, OH and find a job too.. thats important!


My Favorite Things - April

10:08 AM

The title of the blog is kind of self explanatory. are..

My Favorite Things
(for the month of April)

This shirt from HM, which I scored for $3! Mhmmm! You heard right. Clearance shirts are the best shirts!

Revlon Amber Waves curling iron// I love this curling iron. Its the best one I have ever owned. I wish I could find other barrel sizes ( i have just a 1in) so i can have a little versatility every now and then but even the 1in does wonderous curls for my hair.

Popcorn is like my GO-TO snack at the moment. I air pop mine because 1.its cheaper and 2.its healthier. HOWEVER, instead of owning one of those big air-poppers, I want one of these.
You can still use the kernals so its still healthy, its just easier because you can set it in the microwave and BOOM its done. Wedding registry anyone??

House stuffies:
Aren't these pillows adorbs! I want them

Also, I REALLY want to do this after we get our wedding pictures back.SUCH a great idea.


This is true and dont lie.

This is great and so true.


R4U - Chicken Tostadas

9:00 AM

Recipe 4 You! 

Chicken Tostadas:
(inspired by this recipe

When it comes to cooking, I don't really follow recipes. 
SO bare with me as I have no measurements for this recipe.

(Serves 2)

  • 3 thawed chicken breast's
  • One lime
  • 1 clove of garlic minced
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Sour Cream
  • Lime Juice
  • and any taco/fajita condiments you like (lettuce, cheese, avocado) 
  • Corn Tortillas

First cut up your chicken into bite size pieces and place in a bowl.
Add approx 2TBLS of Olive Oil, squeezed juice from the fresh lime, minced garlic, and add salt and pepper to taste. Mix all together and place in a sauce pan cook until done 
(obviously ;)) 
 photo IMG_7103_zpsb3c98024.jpg

While the chicken is cooking. Place your corn tortillas in a toaster OVEN till they are golden brown (approx 4 minuets).
 photo IMG_7106_zps12f82c88.jpg
Also make your lime sour cream by adding lime juice (from the bottle is fine) to any amount of sour cream that you wish (I like a lot so I made a couple spoonfuls).

When the chicken is done. Place the lime cream on your tostada (or browned corn totillia) and any other condiments you might enjoy. I used lettuce and cheese. And place the chicken on top.
 photo IMG_7107_zpse5dc179a.jpg
 photo IMG_7109_zpsa9f95492.jpg

And tada! You have a tostada! Easy Right??



1:00 PM

Again, borrowing Ilene's idea. But im doing a spin on it..

Currently: Wedding Edition

I haven't really shared much about my wedding planning.
 For obvious reasons.
However, I do want to share with you guys some ideas and things that are inspiring my wedding planning at the moment

So without future ado...
Currently I'm loving:

These cuties in the tutu's. The tutu idea has already been approved by one of my flower girls

This guest book table - I'm LOVING the idea of a typewriter for people to use to fill in our guest book. Now, if only I can find one :p

I want put these cards at the tables at my wedding. I know there will be awesome comments and probably a lot of "smart alack" answers too. 

I REALLY want to splurge and get these (but make one a Cowboys fan and one a NY Giants and minus the puppy). They are so adorable!! You can find them on Etsy here

And lastly (for right now), these BOOTS  I plan on wearing a pain under my dress (country girl all the way!) and I LOVE these from Country Outfitters! They look so comfy too!