All done

12:00 AM

This semester is now over!

This has been the most exciting semester by far.
I mean, I got engaged no more then 3 weeks in soooo, I would consider that exciting.
I hate people that think community colleges are stupid or not as good as a regular college. Sure there are down sides, but there are a lot of upsides. One is awesome teachers.
I've only had 1 teach my entire 4 semesters at my school that gave me the creeps
 (only cause his grading system sucked). Other then that, my teachers have all been amazing.

For example I have one teacher who I took two semesters in a row, who will let me come eat in her office, or study, or just hang out so I don't have to go to our creepy cafeteria to kill time between classes.

Also what I do like about my college is the people going there (most of the time) are just trying to better their lives. A lot of people I meet are like myself, trying to save their parents money by going to a cheaper school, or getting a degree to help gain a career. Its very encouraging to see.

With that said.
I'm off to nap or go to the beach, or plan wedding stuff, OH and find a job too.. thats important!


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