Ever Thought

10:58 AM

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Have you ever had that thought
"How is it, that I have gone so long without knowing 
"this person""

Whether it be a friend or in my case, your significant other (aka, boyfriend,fiance,husband).

Its kind of a weird thought, a neat and kind of mind blowing thought, but nevertheless a weird thought.
I was putting together something for "our" first house (you'll see soon) and I was thinking about who I was this time last year. What i was doing. Who I was hanging out with.
How I didn't even know about this wonderful 6'5'' stud that God would bring into my life 5 months later.
If I had known that, I probably wouldn't have acted so stupid and selfish last summer.
But thats why life and life with Christ is so great. Because you learn from mistakes, stupidness, and selfishness and grow more and learn what God truly has for you.
ITS still though, such a weird thought that you're just going on with life and being single then BAM, you meet the person God has for you to spend the rest of your life with. And you've never met him before in your life until now.

I guess you could label this under a "random thought with Samantha" moment.


  1. You guys are adorbs! I've had that same thought too. God is wonderful, everything happens at His perfect time. =)

  2. You are a very wonderful person Samantha, I follow your blog all the time. I don't understand why you say you were selfish and made mistakes last summer, from your posts all I saw is that you had a good time and I am sure they weren't anything terrible. May God bless you so very very much, and now that you and Steve are engaged I hope the best is yet to come to both of you!


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