My Favorite Things - April

10:08 AM

The title of the blog is kind of self explanatory. are..

My Favorite Things
(for the month of April)

This shirt from HM, which I scored for $3! Mhmmm! You heard right. Clearance shirts are the best shirts!

Revlon Amber Waves curling iron// I love this curling iron. Its the best one I have ever owned. I wish I could find other barrel sizes ( i have just a 1in) so i can have a little versatility every now and then but even the 1in does wonderous curls for my hair.

Popcorn is like my GO-TO snack at the moment. I air pop mine because 1.its cheaper and 2.its healthier. HOWEVER, instead of owning one of those big air-poppers, I want one of these.
You can still use the kernals so its still healthy, its just easier because you can set it in the microwave and BOOM its done. Wedding registry anyone??

House stuffies:
Aren't these pillows adorbs! I want them

Also, I REALLY want to do this after we get our wedding pictures back.SUCH a great idea.


This is true and dont lie.

This is great and so true.


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