Random Thoughts

12:00 AM

I feel like it's time to bring back

Random thoughts with Samantha 

Feeling pinkish
-Even though I am short on cash, some days you just walk into Kohls and everything under the sun is cheep and affordable. And pink.

Tired/Grumpy mode
- I am realizing how horrible and grumpy I am in the morning if
1.I dont sleep well the night before,
 2.Things dont go as planned after I awake.
Poor Steve, I apologize in advance for the numerous mornings I wake up grumpy that will most likely be in our future.

-I saw this awesome tea kettle at Target and immediately put it on our wedding registry. More tea for me!
Bella Tea Kettle - White/Blue

I'm to cool for school
-I did really well this semester. Just saying. If it wasn't for stupid statistics though, i would have been a straight A student. Anybody else out there find math troubling?? 

BYE Google Reader :( 
-I'm so sad google reader is going away. Put i found "Feedly" and its 10x more amazing. Check it out here-

I found my someone 


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