When being a nerd pays off

1:00 PM

Being a nerd pays off when....

  • You ace any test that requires you to memorize dates and facts because you try your best to do this on a daily basis for things besides school
  • When a teacher assigns a book to read and you dont have to read it because you already did months ago
  • Your parents worry more about you being up late reading then out late with friends
  • The easiest way for your significant other to please you is to buy you a new book or cuddle up and watch star wars together
  • You can become the "cool new girl" within a group of guys because you know about what they are talking about 75% of the time
  • you get a free meal at Chick Fil A because you could identify the person who said the Star wars quote   + the episode it was said in. (yes this did happen to me, my fiance was proud


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