August 2011 - Simply Samantha

It has begun

9:15 PM

School has begun. This college freshie (points thumb to herself) had her first day of college today :)
Now, I'm not at a big "whatchamacalit" college. I'm just at a small state college that has a campus in our town for the time being (convenient right?) .

I'm only taking on 3 classes this semester. Psychology, Intermediate Algebra and English Comp. Pretty easy. I should have taken 4 classes but I couldn't fit them all in the my schedule and I had to factor in working in the afternoon. 3 is good though. I'm happy with 3.

I know people in each of my classes which is nice. Even though they are younger. Which seems weird...I guess its weird because i'm a college freshmen and they are too but they are also sophomores and juniors in high school . its kind of .... different...
(if you know what duel enrollment is, you know what i'm talking about)

Anywhozle I like all my teachers and I think this will be a good semester.
I found that my favorite irsh espresso from my local coffee place is the best "after school" treat, even though I talk my friends ear off while drinking it. Luckily he doesn't mind and converses back ;)

Here is my little bag for school.
Note the sarcasm in the word "little" lol ;)

And I gotta accessorize it ;)
(did any of you catch the sneak peak of the "Hunger Games' on the VMAs sunday?! I sure did. I'm so excited! Jenifer looks amazing ;) And i about squealed,and i did, ask my sister, when I heard Gale talking. I know exactly when he said that in the book tooo!... sorry.. fan girl moment...)

Don't you hate it when you just randomly through up your hair and it ends up really cool!? Why can't it look like this purposely???

My poor poor bed. It has to hold up so much :o

How are your first couple weeks of school going???


Friday Favorites

12:00 AM

(1) My new Lauren Conrad skirt. - If you didn't know already, I am in LOVE with LC's entire collection at kohls. I especially love everything in her "Ciao Bella" section of her collection. The name says it all. And that is where this skirt is from. So cute right. Love the color. I'm definitely going to be wearing this often :)
(plz excuse my messy bedroom ;p)

(2) Our new little fridge magnets from Disney World. Aren't they cute!

(3) Movie nights in children's church. I teach class on Tuesday nights in children's church, and I LOVE when we have movie nights. Its even better when the movie we get to watch is "Tangled".. my favorite!

(4) Sunday! If your a hunger games fan like moi ;) You're probably waiting in anticipation for Sunday night to come too! I cannot contain my excitement!!!! EEEEP!

(5) The 2009 BBC version of Emma. - Emma is one of my FAVORITE books. And I ador this adaption. I think Romola Garai as emma was fantastic! And so was everyone else they cast.
My mom and I love to curl up on the couch and watch this one.
B005 Pictures, Images and Photos

Whats on your favorite's list this friday???!

daily outfit


12:00 AM

Back to the world of nannying I go. I'm excited to be back :)
Its going to get a little hectic though when i start both school and working next week:/

Anywho. I decided to go a little casual/cozy to work :)

dress : mom, Headband: Rue 21,

I also had to get my purse repacked from normal summer mode to nanny mode.

1.Sunglasses you can't see cause they blend into my bed ;p
2. Planner that was decorated my moi ;) Gotta start keeping one of these in my bag now that my life has to be a little more "structured" then relaxed like it was in the summer.
3.My favorite lip balm and lip gloss. Burts Bee's and NYC Pretty Pink
4. Orbit Gum. The best.
5.My new little Bible. Love it.
6.Mi faithful ipod :)

Editors note : Shortly after I wrote this post I found my pack or obit gum torn to SHREDS and every piece of gum in the pack eaten. Needless to say Jaxson (our pup) will have minty fresh breath for days. Cause if you didn't know already. He has a thing for gum.

just me


12:00 AM

Did you know you could ask me questions???


"Samantha, what in the name of all that is good, are you doing in that photo?"

All you have to do is just click that little "Q&A" button above!
Sometimes if I get a lot at once I make a video...
Sometimes if i get a few I'll put them in a post ...
if you're the only one I'll reply back with a comment :)

So go ahead. Ask away!

Miscellany Monday

12:00 AM

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

~ By the time you're reading this I'll probably be in line at our local college
(its technically a "community college" but is labeled as state, confusing i know) for my book ticket to buy books for my classes. Fun stuff.

~ If your reading this in the afternoon I'm at work. Back to nanny adventures :) I'm excited to be back. :)

~ I like cream on my coffee. Especially when I get an Irish Espresso at our local coffee place.

~ Like my new ring. I do :)

(and yes i'm wearing my "hunger games" tee ;) )

Photos from the week

12:00 AM

How are you supposed to eat when this face is looking at you
(and no that is not our dog, shes at the house i nanny for, shes a doll though. love her)

I found out now that I'm paying for my own food (Kind of) coupons are essential!

So, I have to say. My friend is the best because when my side mirror looked like it was going to fall off on our way to the springs. She voluntarily held on to it till we stop at a stoplight and she was able to place it back. :)

Mr.Wiggles and his purple thrown of fluffyness.

An 80's party must have glowsticks!


7:37 PM

Hi there!

I'm not dead! I swear! lol. Just been busy working and getting stuff done before i start my OTHER job next week, then school the week after. Crazyness.

Anywho. I thought i would share one of my favorite songs at the moment. I hear it almost everyday on the radio on my way to watch the kiddies for work.
I've liked Shawn McDonald for a couple years now but his latest song just blows my mind. Its so amazing and profound.

Miscellany Monday

10:27 PM

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

(1) Lack of blogging. - They're might be a lack of blogging this week. Got's a busy week ahead of me between nannying and getting some school shopping done and stuff ;)

(2) Speaking of shopping and stuff.. I REALLY need to get a school list together.

(3) I love that out of all the movies I own I get the most excited to watch "Tangled"
Tangled Pictures, Images and Photos

(4) Been getting fashion inspiration from some lovely ladies lately :)
Camryn Kennedy Pictures, Images and Photos
Vivienne Westwood Slams Kate Middleton Pictures, Images and Photos
Audrey Hepburn Pictures, Images and Photos
(btw, when are you ever NOT inspired by Audry Hepburn)

(5) I want one of these :)

Whats up for your monday?? Got any fun last minuet summer plans?

Beach Days are fun but...

12:00 AM

I loved that I spent all day at the beach the other day with my friends.
It was so fun knowing i had nothing to do and nowhere to go.

As we were leaving we were all washing the sand of our toes and me (being my clumsy self) stubbed my small pinky toe on a railing that lined the boardwalk. I didn't think much of it till I realized that my toe was still throbbing. At firs i thought
"crap, i probably just broke my pinky toe".

Nope, I just took half of my nail off.


I stubbed my toe and it broke my nail straight down the middle.

Now only 1/4 of my nail is actually left on my small toe.

Yea. I was able to get it all bandaged up after a Target run.

Who knew such a small toe could hurt so much.. :p


Those summer days

1:03 PM

Those summer days when you have nothing planned till the next day. so you just sit in your room taking random pictures of yourself in the mirror.
(while also experimenting with light and editing;p)

Catching up on reading and wondering what possessed you to get 4 books all of the same time.
Top to Bottom
  • Beastly
  • The Maze Runner
  • Uglies
  • The Scorch Trials

Gush over a certain photo of a certain actor playing a certain "book boyfriend" that you like.

Are you having one of those summer days too??