Miscellany Monday

10:27 PM

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

(1) Lack of blogging. - They're might be a lack of blogging this week. Got's a busy week ahead of me between nannying and getting some school shopping done and stuff ;)

(2) Speaking of shopping and stuff.. I REALLY need to get a school list together.

(3) I love that out of all the movies I own I get the most excited to watch "Tangled"
Tangled Pictures, Images and Photos

(4) Been getting fashion inspiration from some lovely ladies lately :)
Camryn Kennedy Pictures, Images and Photos
Vivienne Westwood Slams Kate Middleton Pictures, Images and Photos
Audrey Hepburn Pictures, Images and Photos
(btw, when are you ever NOT inspired by Audry Hepburn)

(5) I want one of these :)

Whats up for your monday?? Got any fun last minuet summer plans?


  1. cute post. love kate and lauren's style - and of course, audrey's!!

  2. oh, and tangled is the cutest movie ever!

  3. agreed on every.single.thing on this list. :) tangled forever, ha!

  4. LOVE your list! except for the lack of blogging, but i totally understand. ;) my last big summer bash was yesterday, with a church picnic and watching captain america afterward. i LOVED it! anywho, hope you luck out on school shopping deals! ;) God bless. :)

  5. p.s. i am obsessed with kate middleton. :)

  6. Tangled! I need to watch that again... :)


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