It has begun

9:15 PM

School has begun. This college freshie (points thumb to herself) had her first day of college today :)
Now, I'm not at a big "whatchamacalit" college. I'm just at a small state college that has a campus in our town for the time being (convenient right?) .

I'm only taking on 3 classes this semester. Psychology, Intermediate Algebra and English Comp. Pretty easy. I should have taken 4 classes but I couldn't fit them all in the my schedule and I had to factor in working in the afternoon. 3 is good though. I'm happy with 3.

I know people in each of my classes which is nice. Even though they are younger. Which seems weird...I guess its weird because i'm a college freshmen and they are too but they are also sophomores and juniors in high school . its kind of .... different...
(if you know what duel enrollment is, you know what i'm talking about)

Anywhozle I like all my teachers and I think this will be a good semester.
I found that my favorite irsh espresso from my local coffee place is the best "after school" treat, even though I talk my friends ear off while drinking it. Luckily he doesn't mind and converses back ;)

Here is my little bag for school.
Note the sarcasm in the word "little" lol ;)

And I gotta accessorize it ;)
(did any of you catch the sneak peak of the "Hunger Games' on the VMAs sunday?! I sure did. I'm so excited! Jenifer looks amazing ;) And i about squealed,and i did, ask my sister, when I heard Gale talking. I know exactly when he said that in the book tooo!... sorry.. fan girl moment...)

Don't you hate it when you just randomly through up your hair and it ends up really cool!? Why can't it look like this purposely???

My poor poor bed. It has to hold up so much :o

How are your first couple weeks of school going???


  1. Good luck on your first semester of college!

    Erin @ I Should Be Studying

  2. fun fun! i'm glad you like all your classes/teachers! that's always nice.
    my bio teacher is really nuts. but she's cool!
    College freshmen UNITE! ;)

  3. congrats! i'm a dual enrollment peep so I def. know what you're talking about; i'm so blessed to have that option!

  4. Sounds like you had a really good start to your semester.
    Universtiy starts again October 1st here, so I'm free for another full month :D
    I'm also going to take only three classes this semester :)

    And I know what you mean with the hair. Sometimes I randomly do it and it looks great and the next the I try and try and try but it looks awful :/

  5. I love that hunger games pin!!! Where did you find it? I want one! ;-)


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