12:00 AM

Back to the world of nannying I go. I'm excited to be back :)
Its going to get a little hectic though when i start both school and working next week:/

Anywho. I decided to go a little casual/cozy to work :)

dress : mom, Headband: Rue 21,

I also had to get my purse repacked from normal summer mode to nanny mode.

1.Sunglasses you can't see cause they blend into my bed ;p
2. Planner that was decorated my moi ;) Gotta start keeping one of these in my bag now that my life has to be a little more "structured" then relaxed like it was in the summer.
3.My favorite lip balm and lip gloss. Burts Bee's and NYC Pretty Pink
4. Orbit Gum. The best.
5.My new little Bible. Love it.
6.Mi faithful ipod :)

Editors note : Shortly after I wrote this post I found my pack or obit gum torn to SHREDS and every piece of gum in the pack eaten. Needless to say Jaxson (our pup) will have minty fresh breath for days. Cause if you didn't know already. He has a thing for gum.


  1. Oh, I love that blue dress in the first picture! I should start packing my stuff for school too, it's starting soon. :)

  2. You look adorable in your "back to work/school" attire. Rockin' cool nanny. :)

    Best wishes for surviving the school year!

  3. i'm super jealous of your purse contents. :)

  4. oooh your planner is CUTE!
    I want to decorate mine now!

    I love your outfit, you are lucky you get to dress so cute for work!


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