Beach Days are fun but...

12:00 AM

I loved that I spent all day at the beach the other day with my friends.
It was so fun knowing i had nothing to do and nowhere to go.

As we were leaving we were all washing the sand of our toes and me (being my clumsy self) stubbed my small pinky toe on a railing that lined the boardwalk. I didn't think much of it till I realized that my toe was still throbbing. At firs i thought
"crap, i probably just broke my pinky toe".

Nope, I just took half of my nail off.


I stubbed my toe and it broke my nail straight down the middle.

Now only 1/4 of my nail is actually left on my small toe.

Yea. I was able to get it all bandaged up after a Target run.

Who knew such a small toe could hurt so much.. :p


  1. oh ouch! stubbing/hitting your toe hurts like CRAZY! :(

  2. aww! i hope your toe gets better. :) i love beach days! too bad yours had to end with a stubbed toe! :(


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