August 2009 - Simply Samantha

A gift

8:28 PM

So a couple of post ago, I talk how i kept getting distracted and that i really need to get something done. Well this was it.


It was for my wonderful, sister but not related, friends birthday so I send her a fun package with fruit mentos ( which she meant to get when she was here visiting), and 2 recipes because she loves to cook and bake. One of them is one we made while she was down here :) Tator Tot casserole. And also i put in a picture of me and her from their trip.

And of course she loved it : )

Also, hopefully in the next day or two I'll post an update about my room :)

Friday Boredum

2:50 PM

OK I wasn't really bored but I thought i could brush up on a my editing skills and also I wanted to use my tripod again since i haven't used it ( lost a part to it) in like 3 months :)


New Beginning and a tip

2:15 PM

Doesn't that seem spiritual ;) a new beginning. But I don't think pillows and a new bedspread qualify for that kid of title. Its more like.
"Samantha's getting tired of how her room looks so its time for a change" :)
So, this past weekend we traveled down to O'town with some friends to see Julie and Julia and also to see the wonderful store called Ikea :)
Of course we didn't leave empty handed. For only $23 we got a duvet comforter, a trash can and a pillow. Now you probably looking at the photo bellow and going "RED that's what you painting your room that's crazy!" No I'm not that crazy. I'm doing a black and white ( walls in my room will be white) vintage/modern with a splash of red ( hence the trash can and the pillow)
We also found a bed that were going to half to go back down and get (;) ).

Stay tuned because hopefully this weekend we'll actually get to paint my room :)

Ok so here is a little beaty tip i want to share with you that I learned last week:)
Want a amazing curl in your eyelash. Take your eyelash curler and blowdry it for about 3 secounds. It acts like a curling iron for you eye lashes! its works great.

Mechanics Daughter

10:06 PM

I'm sitting here, flipping back in forth on my tabs from
:Blogger Dashbored:
to Live Leaderbored:

My dad was a mechanic for almost 20 years. So i have inherited some of his "trait's". Liking NASCAR is one of them, but so is wanting to know how things work, and taking them apart to find out whats wrong.

So, at about 3:30 in the morning about a day or 2 ago, my ceiling fan was making some weird noises, so i got up and pulled on the cored to make it right.
It broke.
Now let me tell you that i LOVE my fan on full blast weather it is hot or cold, i love to snuggle in my bed and hear the nice soothing noise of my fan....i can't sleep without it on....
Anyway so the next day I grabbed a screw driver and a pair of pliers and "dismantled" the bottom half of my fan to see what had happen.

My diagnostic; I'll be getting a new fan over the weekend ;)

So until then this is my set up.

Luckily the fan is still on the 2nd switch so its somewhat going fast but not making the noise that helps me go asleep.
So i pulled out old faith-full :) (it sound more like an airplane then a nice soothing sound but, it works : ) )

Just a tad distracted....

7:06 PM


So, ever have those days, where you just..... .well get
Today i got my school done, and i knew i had to get some stuff done after school, but, you probably guessed it, i got distracted, by, what else... the t.v and other things.
I did get what i needed to get done accomplished ( which you'll read in a post soon)!!

But now i am distracted again, blogging ;) watching videos on hulu and checking my twitter and facebook.... lol

Sign of School

12:41 PM

I haven't seen this in a while..... school books... sitting there waiting to be written, highlighted, and read.
Then their is me. Not wanting to open the books, write, highlight, or read them.
This year will be different. My sister is a senior, I'm a junior. So I'll be looking at collages more closely. Maybe even taking a PSAT. Taking Spanish for the first time in 3 years. Also I'm starting Algebra 1 ( im so trilled about that :) lol).
But I've been praying and I think I'm ready for this year. And all it entails.

"You can't learn in school what the world is going to do next year."
Henry ford
"Go to school because you want to learn, not because you have to."
— Derek Stiles

An injury

10:52 AM


Lovely isn't it :)

I like to dance( and choreography dances). I have weak ankles and i pull muscles in my legs easily sometimes. As you can see those 3 things are not a good combo. So the other day I was doing spins in my room ( i have a big open floor) and i think I pulled a muscle in the back of my leg from the spin. Hence the bandage.
Now this isn't the first time. About 2 years ago after the movie Hairspray came out I twisted my ankle dancing to one of the songs.
So once again, I injure myself. Why do I keep dance? Who knows..... its just simply me...

A wild week

2:57 PM

I am SO sorry for not posting but this past week has been quiet busy.

About a month or so ago I woke up and my mom handed me a piece of paper.
On it was the confirmation of 3 ticket from BWI to MCO airport for August 4th. With my friends names on it :)
I was so happy so this past week was the highlight of my summer.

We did so many things such as going to the beach, the natural springs near us, shopping , more shopping, and dancing.
My stomach hurt for the whole 4 days they were here from laughing so much. I was close to losing my voice from breaking out and singing random and sometimes made up songs. And every time my new cell phones rings I have a lovely song that my friend made for me sung to me :)


If you get a chance... check out BarlowGirl ( my favorite bands) new music video. its AMAZING

A novel

5:14 PM


(in case you can't read the quote)

"The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid."
Jane Austen