New Beginning and a tip

2:15 PM

Doesn't that seem spiritual ;) a new beginning. But I don't think pillows and a new bedspread qualify for that kid of title. Its more like.
"Samantha's getting tired of how her room looks so its time for a change" :)
So, this past weekend we traveled down to O'town with some friends to see Julie and Julia and also to see the wonderful store called Ikea :)
Of course we didn't leave empty handed. For only $23 we got a duvet comforter, a trash can and a pillow. Now you probably looking at the photo bellow and going "RED that's what you painting your room that's crazy!" No I'm not that crazy. I'm doing a black and white ( walls in my room will be white) vintage/modern with a splash of red ( hence the trash can and the pillow)
We also found a bed that were going to half to go back down and get (;) ).

Stay tuned because hopefully this weekend we'll actually get to paint my room :)

Ok so here is a little beaty tip i want to share with you that I learned last week:)
Want a amazing curl in your eyelash. Take your eyelash curler and blowdry it for about 3 secounds. It acts like a curling iron for you eye lashes! its works great.


  1. Hey Samantha!

    Thanks for the comment:) I'd love it if you want to check out more of the wedding photos, but they're not on my "personal" Flickr account.

    You can view them here:

    I just didn't want to post the link on my blog because I like to know who sees the pictures:)


  2. CUTE colors! I love 'em. Hey I've tried that eye lash curler trick before! Works like a charm! :) Boys FLOCKED to me with lashes that curly! ;)


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