A wild week

2:57 PM

I am SO sorry for not posting but this past week has been quiet busy.

About a month or so ago I woke up and my mom handed me a piece of paper.
On it was the confirmation of 3 ticket from BWI to MCO airport for August 4th. With my friends names on it :)
I was so happy so this past week was the highlight of my summer.

We did so many things such as going to the beach, the natural springs near us, shopping , more shopping, and dancing.
My stomach hurt for the whole 4 days they were here from laughing so much. I was close to losing my voice from breaking out and singing random and sometimes made up songs. And every time my new cell phones rings I have a lovely song that my friend made for me sung to me :)


If you get a chance... check out BarlowGirl ( my favorite bands) new music video. its AMAZING


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