Mechanics Daughter

10:06 PM

I'm sitting here, flipping back in forth on my tabs from
:Blogger Dashbored:
to Live Leaderbored:

My dad was a mechanic for almost 20 years. So i have inherited some of his "trait's". Liking NASCAR is one of them, but so is wanting to know how things work, and taking them apart to find out whats wrong.

So, at about 3:30 in the morning about a day or 2 ago, my ceiling fan was making some weird noises, so i got up and pulled on the cored to make it right.
It broke.
Now let me tell you that i LOVE my fan on full blast weather it is hot or cold, i love to snuggle in my bed and hear the nice soothing noise of my fan....i can't sleep without it on....
Anyway so the next day I grabbed a screw driver and a pair of pliers and "dismantled" the bottom half of my fan to see what had happen.

My diagnostic; I'll be getting a new fan over the weekend ;)

So until then this is my set up.

Luckily the fan is still on the 2nd switch so its somewhat going fast but not making the noise that helps me go asleep.
So i pulled out old faith-full :) (it sound more like an airplane then a nice soothing sound but, it works : ) )


  1. The last bit made me smile:)

    My room is painted roughly the same green as yours. I really like the color!


  2. HaHa I'm the same way no matter how cold or Hot I got to have my celling fan on high!
    Enjoy your new fan when you get it!!



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