April 2011 - Simply Samantha

Saturday Happiness:)

1:53 PM

Happiness is ---

Lots of books to read -


Finding shorts you forgot you have... and finding out they still fit...


Finishing Algebra 2 for the year -


Don't forget to check out the awesome etsy shops I recommended for your mothers day shopping here!
There is even some great discounts for my readers :)

Friday Favs - Etsy shops

12:00 AM

Were you like me this week and realized mothers day is coming up FAST!
Gosh, why did they put Easter AND mothers day so close together!
Anywho I have some AWESOME etsy shops for you to check out this friday that you can use to shop for your wonderful mothers!

(1) This shop is just ADORABLE! Her iphone/ipod cases are to die for! So be sure to check "Whimsical Poppysmic" shop out!

(2) Wattlebird - My friend Annie has the cutest, most adorablist stuff in her shop!
And guess what???!
She's giving all my readers a 25% discount when you use the code
- SIMPLYSAMANTHA -In her shop!
How great is that!

Thanks Annie!

(3) This shop is amazing because all proceeds go to Japan relief efforts! How amazing is that!

(4) Much Love Iily - I can't say enough about this girl! She is amazing and so is her shop! She just added these adorable rings to her shop that you just HAVE to get :)
And she was kind enough to give you, my SimplySamantha readers, a code for
15% off any item in her shop!
Just use the code SAMROCKS and get 15% off you purchase!

Thanks Ilene!!


So get to shopping ladies!

Thursday I-heart

12:00 AM

Inspired by Kinsey French of SoulBacon :)

  • Movie inspired photo shoots
Alice in Wonderland: White Rabbit - Long Live the Queen
Alice in Wonderland: White Rabbit - No Time to Say Hello, Goodbye...

  • This ad. FAVORITE part about reading the ESPN magazine on the elliptical :D

  • Pink Nails :)

  • Crazy. Stupid Love - Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling. I think I've said enough :)


Obsession Confession

12:00 AM

Ok, I don't know if I would classify this as an obsession but....

I LOVE potatoes.

Heart potato

Ok, love is a strong word but I REALLY like them.

Maybe it's because I'm Irish
(by blood, i have NO Irish accents whatsoever..lol).

Yes, I'm stereotyping my Irish heritage. But why else would I LOVE potatos.

  • Its the ONLY thing I can eat in the mornings without getting sick.
  • French Fries are my comfort food.
  • I make a MEAN tator tot casserole.
  • Also I make some pretty tasty potato cakes.
  • And potato's (or some form of them) are my favorite snacks!


So, what is ONE food that you love???


Hope you enjoyed my random post about potatos. I just felt inspired to write one today :) With school finishing up here for myself I'll be able to post more often! So be sure to keep checkin back in to my random and sometimes interesting post...
and no they will not always be about food...


Weekend Photos

1:46 PM


  • After a year of owning my itouch. It finally cracked.. I was surprised it actually lasted this long withOUT getting cracked.
  • Friends finally got me to play Quelf.
  • Using my friend as a extra cushion.
  • Jaxson, having one of those days.
  • My ONLY job on Easter was to make green bean casserole, and of course, i cut my finqure on the green bean can... Only me...
  • I enjoyed wearing a tank top and shorts on Easter :)
  • Every weekend needs a little James Dean.
(kudos to Mrs.Lauren for always inspiring me to do a weekend photos post ;) )

Happy SONday/Easter

12:00 AM

Happy SONday/Easter everybody!

I hope you guys have a blessed day to remember all that our Lord has done for us!

God Bless!

John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Never Let Go - Jeremy Camp

Friday Favorite's

12:00 AM

(1) Price-Tag by Jessie J. Every time this comes on the radio i am BLARING it out of my car!

Jessie J Pictures, Images and Photos

(2)Charlieissocoollike - My new youtube guilty pleasure. He's just so too cute to watch :) and his vocie is charming :D

(3)PolyVore - I am having WAY to much fun on this site :D I'm creating TONS of outfits for summer :) Now i got to actually go out and put them together :)
Summer Set 2

Was going to be

12:00 AM

So, I WAS going to write a cute blog post about some of the "beauty" products that I've been loving and boasting about on twitter. BUT! My camera had other plans.

To be more specific. My SD card had other plans.

To die.

Yup. The ONE time I am motivated to blog about something interesting. My SD card dies..

I will be going to get one soon! Be sure of that!

editors note : I did finally get off my but and went to walmart and bought another one :)
Cross your figures it work's ;)


Miscellny Monday

12:00 AM

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

(1) Summer. You better get here. Enough said.

(2) Only 2 more weeks of Algebra 2! Wohoo :) i'm excited :D

(3) Saddle Shoes - I need some! Mostly for my outfit for my 50's b-day party but I'd love to pair these with a cute pair of pants :D

Happy SONday

12:00 AM

I LOVE finding acoustic versions of my favorite contemporary christian song! This one is amazing :) Each version makes me want to dance around my room :)

Abandon - "Feel it in your heart"

Friday Favorite

12:00 AM

Just ONE Friday favorite today.

I ABSOLUTELY love this girl. Her name is Jayme Dee and she has an amazing voice!
Check her out! :D
(she also has an great coldplay cover to head on over to her youtube page and check it out :)



12:00 AM

One of the perks to my job.. Watching this cutie take his little cat naps :)


blog friends


12:29 PM

I've noticed a good new handful of readers here on the blog. :)

THANK YOU for following!

I wanna give a shout-out to some bloggers I've recently met and who's blogs I ADORE!

Be sure to check them all out. I find their blogs cute, fun to read, and just plain awesome!


Mrs.Alycia from Crowley Party

Odds and ends
Even though she is taking a little break from blogging be sure to check out Miss.Pia's blog-
Odds and Ends

It's always nice to find another Samantha in the blogging world. I'm so happy to have met this one. She is adorably funny, cute, and talented. And her stories about little fun moments between her and her hubby make me laugh. Be sure to check out her blog Young People in Love.

Thanks again to ALL my new readers. I look forward to your wonderful comments and getting to know each of you more!


Miscellny Monday

11:39 AM

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

(1) Hot. One work to describe today... HOT!. Its only April! Common Florida! I know you can do better.

(2) Shorts. AND if FL continues to be hot, I better go on a shopping splurge on capri's and shorts. Kolhs and always my first option when it comes to shorts. Mostly because Miss.LC has some ADORABLE, MODEST, shorts and tops :D
LC Summer
(3) Almost 80! Followers that is! Thanks to the new readers!
Glad you enjoy reading my random rambles :)

(4) Read this -

Its AMAZING. Mrs.Lauren recommended it via her blog and she has AMAZING tastes in books! Be sure to check it out :D You'll love it :D



12:00 AM

So, I call myself a "walking oxymoron."


Because after working out on Sundays. I head straight over to, wait for it...........




dun dun duuuuuunnnnnn.......

I KNOW! I'm so bad! I just burned a WHOLE bunch of calories and now i'm gonna gain them all back by eating some fries and drinking an orange slush.



Friday Favorite's

12:00 AM

(1) looking up 1950's dress idea's for my graduation/18th birthday party.
I think I'm gonna go with the 1950's "rockabilly" look. Just gotta start piecing the outfit together. my outfit will look something like this --
Rockabilly by Samantha Clagett featuring a dot dress

(2) Playing apple tennis -
So this came out of boredom with "little one" yesterday. I mixed up a game of tennis by instead of hitting a tennis ball. We hit an apple. I watched "little one" LOL every time the apple SPLATTERED into the air in millions of pieces. Needless to say it was fun,
But for the parents sake we wont be doing it very often ;) lol

(3) Pink beach cruiser -
CAN'T wait till I get one of these babies. I'm asking for it for my birthday! isn't it a dream! :D




12:00 AM

Excuse the blurry picture.


This is Kevin.

Nope, Kevin is not a turkey.

Kevin is a Peacock.

The other night Kevin just showed up in our front yard.

We don't know where he came from. Not the slightest clue.

But every night he comes to our house and fly's up into the tree in our front yard.

And annoys mom with his calling sounds at 4 in the morning.

But, he is fun to talk to. My friend and I sat outside the other night talking to Kevin.
We probably scare the neighbors.

Oh, and why did we name him Kevin.

Because he resembled this Kevin...




Favorite food

12:00 AM

So I realized Friday that I didn't write a Friday favorite post!!!
I felt so bad!

So here is some Saturday favorites ;) Food oriented because i have food on the brain.

(1) Chick fil a. I think I've said enough.

(2) Fish and chip from Epcot. LOVE these.
I get them EVERY TIME we go to Epoct :D


(3) French Fries. My comfort food! I could eat them all the time!

(4) Frozen Chocolate Yogurt! We have a great local place that makes THE BEST frozen yogurt..
I get it at least once a week :)


New playlist

12:00 AM

Its a new month so you know what that means!??!!!!

A new Simply Samantha playlist!

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If you like it and you want to buy it or some songs from it. Click here and it will take you to this playlist on itunes :)