Friday Favorite's

12:00 AM

(1) looking up 1950's dress idea's for my graduation/18th birthday party.
I think I'm gonna go with the 1950's "rockabilly" look. Just gotta start piecing the outfit together. my outfit will look something like this --
Rockabilly by Samantha Clagett featuring a dot dress

(2) Playing apple tennis -
So this came out of boredom with "little one" yesterday. I mixed up a game of tennis by instead of hitting a tennis ball. We hit an apple. I watched "little one" LOL every time the apple SPLATTERED into the air in millions of pieces. Needless to say it was fun,
But for the parents sake we wont be doing it very often ;) lol

(3) Pink beach cruiser -
CAN'T wait till I get one of these babies. I'm asking for it for my birthday! isn't it a dream! :D



  1. #3 OMFD, I love that bike. ^.^

  2. The polka dot dress!! So cute. I want!
    And it would be a dream to own a bike like that!

  3. LOVE the bike!
    the dresses are super cute too!

  4. Love that bike! And I'm so excited about saddle shoes coming back in style!

  5. i want that bike oh so bad. you have such a cute blog darling i'm glad i found you{; if you like my blog you should follow me back! i would really appreciate it!

  6. Adorable! These outfits are so fun & retro, love it!


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