Friday Favorite's

12:00 AM

(1) Price-Tag by Jessie J. Every time this comes on the radio i am BLARING it out of my car!

Jessie J Pictures, Images and Photos

(2)Charlieissocoollike - My new youtube guilty pleasure. He's just so too cute to watch :) and his vocie is charming :D

(3)PolyVore - I am having WAY to much fun on this site :D I'm creating TONS of outfits for summer :) Now i got to actually go out and put them together :)
Summer Set 2


  1. Charlie!!!! :D Who doesn't love him...

  2. I LOOOVE the song Price Tag too!! :D And I'm gonna have to check out that Charlie kid's videos! :)

  3. POLYVORE!!!!! love love love love that website!!


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