Miscellny Monday

11:39 AM

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

(1) Hot. One work to describe today... HOT!. Its only April! Common Florida! I know you can do better.

(2) Shorts. AND if FL continues to be hot, I better go on a shopping splurge on capri's and shorts. Kolhs and always my first option when it comes to shorts. Mostly because Miss.LC has some ADORABLE, MODEST, shorts and tops :D
LC Summer
(3) Almost 80! Followers that is! Thanks to the new readers!
Glad you enjoy reading my random rambles :)

(4) Read this -

Its AMAZING. Mrs.Lauren recommended it via her blog and she has AMAZING tastes in books! Be sure to check it out :D You'll love it :D


  1. Oh I am SO jealous of the weather you guys get! We FINALLY got into the fiftes yesterday and the day before but they quickly went away, of course. I'm ready for some HEAT, ;]

  2. i am loving your blog!
    modest is the best way to be.
    love all your pictures:)
    following you ..now


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