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5:38 PM

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7:48 AM

I'm here to apologize for the lack of post's. I've been a bit under the weather lately so I haven't had the motivation to post :(

I want to thank you for all your comments on my photo of Jaxson! I loved reading them all!

So while I take a little break from blogging this weekend DON'T forget to enter my giveaway for the awesome Mark of Love Bracelet. Just click here.

Have a great Halloween everybody!


The mark of love {Giveaway}

9:00 AM

The Mark of Love is a bracelet with a distinct design to remind you of one of the the five scars that Jesus endured for His people. The bracelet represents the sacrifice Jesus made and to let us never forget the role his it plays in our lives. It is a great reminder of love and Christ's love for us.

The Mission -
Over one billion people do not have access to clean drinking water. This ongoing issue threatens life on a devastating scale. We can mend that. In an effort to advocate the message of love on a global level, a portion of proceeds from every sale will go directly to Living Water International.

I love this bracelet, for what it stands for and what the money goes to help! Even American Idol winner Lee Dewyze has been seen wearing the Mark of Lover bracelet!

Hunter Harrison is the creator of the Mend Mark movement, calls everyone who wear's this bracelet to remember Gods love and sacrifice. Also to remember to show Christ's love to others.

And guess what???
You have a chance to win one!!!

How to enter -

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Thanks to

And The Mend - Mark of love ministries- for letting me review this product.

Giveaway ends October 31st

U.S residents only

Happy SONday

2:57 PM

Happy SONday everybody!

I hope you had a great time worshiping this morning.

And I also hope your enjoying chilling out and watching some football or whatever sport you prefer like me :D

Anywho, enjoy one of my favorite songs by Group 1 Crew - Walking on the Stars -

friday favorites

Friday Favorites

4:28 PM

(1) Adam. Love this movie. If you haven't seen it. You must! My sis picked it up at the library for me today and now I can't wait to watch it.

(2) Funny Conversations. Ever been in a group of people, with multiple hilarious conversations going? Happened today in my co-op lunch. I actually don't usually stay for lunch at co-op. I'm just go their from my Spanish class then leave. But today I hung out for a little bit during lunch (mostly cause my sister had the car and I was waiting for her to pick me up). Anywho its hard to write into words what was being said but some of the main words were Justin Bieber, cars, Halloween outfits, and candy dots.

(3) Free and or cheep songs on itunes. Of course its bad enough that I'm constantly buying songs on itunes but its even better when their cheep (like 69 cent) or even free.
Apple Logo Pictures, Images and Photos

I've been tagged!

10:05 AM

I really try not to participate in tags. But.

1. I really had NOTHING to blog about today
2. This one was looked really fun from over at Sophie's blog

So here ya go :)

Charlotte Russe or Forever 21? Forever 21 baby!.
American Eagle or Aeropostale? Aeropostale (but by the way i think are way overrated).
Hollister Co. or Abercrombie and Fitch? Hollister Co. However I'm always afraid I'm going to get lost in that store.

Fast food meals or meals at home? Meals at home. I truthfully i really dread eating fast food unless it Chic-fil-a :)
Chocolate or vanilla? Both, together ;)
Coffee or hot chocolate? Coffee.

Are you in public school or homeschooled? Homeschooled all the way!
Science or math? Science! I'd take anything over math!
Home ec. or health? health
English or history? History
Art or new language? New language. I am not the most artistic person out their.

Sandals or flip flops? Flip flops. However i love gladiator sandals.
Sneakers or boots? Boots
Hoodie or sweater? Depends on whats clean
Graphic T or tank top? Graphic T.

Summer or winter? Winter. Well, Florida winters ;)
Spring or fall? Fall.
Black or white? BOTH.
Movies or books? Movies
Chronicles of Narnia or Lord of the Rings? Narnia! Never read LOTR
Computer or TV? Computer.
iPod or MP3? iPod.
Are you usually organized and neat or just cluttered? I like to be organized but if i'm really lazy everything just becomes cluttered.


Sports - T.T's first touchdown!

2:06 PM

I was so excited when I got home Sunday evening and found out Tim made his first NFL regular season touchdown!

Now I'm just waiting in anticipation for when they put him in more wild card plays and eventually as starter quarterback ;)


1:01 PM

Oh Monday. How I love and hate you.

I love you because

  • you start a new week

I hate you because
  • i find out how much school i have to do that week
  • I cry over math first thing in the morning
  • I don't get to sleep in

As you can tell, the hate's weigh out the loves. Oh well, I'm a tough girl I'll get through every Monday I encounter!

Phil 4:13

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

I hope you all are getting through this Monday too!
Join me and eat some sweets and listen to some sweet music this Monday.


friday favorites

Friday Favorites

11:08 AM

1. I love how cute my puppy looks when he's sleeping


2.Pretzel M&M's. I LOVE them. They are now my all time favorite candy.

m%26m pretzel Pictures, Images and Photos

3.Old Pictures of my family.


My dad and aunt.

My Dad looks way to happy in the photo bellow about my uncles injury. My dad and uncle were racing and my uncle was winning till my dad crashed into him....


One of my favorite pictures of me and my dad.


Whats your favorite things this Friday???

My Sister

5:46 PM

Happy 19th birthday to my sweet sister!


Even though we don't get along all the time ;) I still love you and I thank God that your my sister.


Happy Birthday!

You can check out her blog here


Photo Challenge

12:39 PM

Miss.Maggie over at Bliss is having a fun photo challenge! Be sure to go check out her blog and enter :)



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I am now up to 50 followers!


Thanks to all my followers for faithfully following my blog and my random ramblings!

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Again thanks so much to all my 50 followers! Keep the comments coming! I love checking out your blogs and commenting!
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Now, lets make it 150 followers! ;)

Guest post

10:08 PM

Hey Everybody!
My guest post was just posted here over at Wattlebird's blog! Go check it out!

friday favorites

Friday Favorites

12:01 PM

(1) Cooler Weather - it FINALLY cooled down here in Florida and now its just simply BEAUTIFUL! Now i can actually wear my cute pullover sweaters and tops ;)


(2) The New Twitter Layout - I know some people aren't liking the new layout. But i LOVE it. It much easier to see your twitter friends pictures


(3) Beef Bourguignon - I just finished eating the last leftovers from my moms beef bourguignon that she made last night. YUMMMOOO

Beef Bourguignon Pictures, Images and Photos

Whats on your Friday favorite list???

Whats in my purse?

9:00 AM

I was tagged by Miss.Hope to blog about whats in my purse. I was going to do a fun video but I really haven't had the time :( I guess this post will just have to do :)

I actually forgot the name of my purse. I used to have it memorized. All I know is it was a great deal from target:)


Whats in my purse????? Well... (Top to bottom)

  • My key-chain that i use to put the car keys on when I have them with my Dale jr lanyard that I got for free at the track last year ;)
  • Midnight Pomegranate lotion from Bath and Body works
  • A little clear bag for chap-stick's and emergency make-up ;)
  • extra pink ponytails
  • cell phone
  • clutch wallet
  • planner and pens
  • sunglasses and reading glasses
(if you haven't notice, i have this quiet obsession with pink things)

That's whats in my purse! This is actually a very little amount of stuff that i have in it. I usually have more. LOL. That's why I refer to my purse as the bottomless pit.


12:06 PM

Hey Everyone!

Well, I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Mine consisted of mostly cleaning on Saturday, and then Sunday we went and hung out at the Magic Kingdom for a little bit.
Oh and I was extra happy when I got home from the Disney because I found out that.....

WON! Wohoo.. Any the Giants! Both of my teams won yesterday!

Ok. Sorry. I had to have my football fan moment there ;)

So after having a pretty long day yesterday, I'm just chilling out at the house today. Just finished up my school. Eww.
I'm even still in my p.j's. Yup, I'm such a typical homeschooler. ;)
But hey! Schools, school whether or not your in your pj's or regular clothes.lol

Anywhoo. Again I hope you all had a great weekend. Hopefully something exciting will happen so I can blog some more this week :D I'm do have some exciting things to share that are in the works but that wont be till later on this week!

Thanks for stopping by!

By the way I can't believe its October already! And it ACTUALLY feels like it today in florida ;)
(it usually doesn't get "fall like" till mid october)