Friday Favorites

4:28 PM

(1) Adam. Love this movie. If you haven't seen it. You must! My sis picked it up at the library for me today and now I can't wait to watch it.

(2) Funny Conversations. Ever been in a group of people, with multiple hilarious conversations going? Happened today in my co-op lunch. I actually don't usually stay for lunch at co-op. I'm just go their from my Spanish class then leave. But today I hung out for a little bit during lunch (mostly cause my sister had the car and I was waiting for her to pick me up). Anywho its hard to write into words what was being said but some of the main words were Justin Bieber, cars, Halloween outfits, and candy dots.

(3) Free and or cheep songs on itunes. Of course its bad enough that I'm constantly buying songs on itunes but its even better when their cheep (like 69 cent) or even free.
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  1. I would love to see Adam! But I can't find it anywhere :(

  2. I need to see this! I had not heard of this before. I love a good movie.



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