I've been tagged!

10:05 AM

I really try not to participate in tags. But.

1. I really had NOTHING to blog about today
2. This one was looked really fun from over at Sophie's blog

So here ya go :)

Charlotte Russe or Forever 21? Forever 21 baby!.
American Eagle or Aeropostale? Aeropostale (but by the way i think are way overrated).
Hollister Co. or Abercrombie and Fitch? Hollister Co. However I'm always afraid I'm going to get lost in that store.

Fast food meals or meals at home? Meals at home. I truthfully i really dread eating fast food unless it Chic-fil-a :)
Chocolate or vanilla? Both, together ;)
Coffee or hot chocolate? Coffee.

Are you in public school or homeschooled? Homeschooled all the way!
Science or math? Science! I'd take anything over math!
Home ec. or health? health
English or history? History
Art or new language? New language. I am not the most artistic person out their.

Sandals or flip flops? Flip flops. However i love gladiator sandals.
Sneakers or boots? Boots
Hoodie or sweater? Depends on whats clean
Graphic T or tank top? Graphic T.

Summer or winter? Winter. Well, Florida winters ;)
Spring or fall? Fall.
Black or white? BOTH.
Movies or books? Movies
Chronicles of Narnia or Lord of the Rings? Narnia! Never read LOTR
Computer or TV? Computer.
iPod or MP3? iPod.
Are you usually organized and neat or just cluttered? I like to be organized but if i'm really lazy everything just becomes cluttered.


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