Friday Favorites

12:01 PM

(1) Cooler Weather - it FINALLY cooled down here in Florida and now its just simply BEAUTIFUL! Now i can actually wear my cute pullover sweaters and tops ;)


(2) The New Twitter Layout - I know some people aren't liking the new layout. But i LOVE it. It much easier to see your twitter friends pictures


(3) Beef Bourguignon - I just finished eating the last leftovers from my moms beef bourguignon that she made last night. YUMMMOOO

Beef Bourguignon Pictures, Images and Photos

Whats on your Friday favorite list???


  1. I LOVE the picture of you at the top, SO cute!! Love the gator pullover too(:
    Have a great afternoon!
    Karlee Kay(:

  2. ok seriously LOVE that pic of you!!

  3. Oh No. Not another FL Gator Shirt! ;) JK

  4. I love that top! Were did you get it?

    The new layout looks awesome! I'm thinking about using my account again.

    Oh my word, that Beef Bourguignon looks like it was to die for! :)

  5. LOVE sweater and hoodie weather :D

  6. hi samantha!
    I'm writing to tell you that you've won the Lip Balm set from my giveaway!
    Congratulations :)

    I couldn't find your email address so please email me with your mailing address so I can send it to the contributor. she will then send out your prize.
    thanks for entering!

    curiouspug@hotmail dot com


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