Whats in my purse?

9:00 AM

I was tagged by Miss.Hope to blog about whats in my purse. I was going to do a fun video but I really haven't had the time :( I guess this post will just have to do :)

I actually forgot the name of my purse. I used to have it memorized. All I know is it was a great deal from target:)


Whats in my purse????? Well... (Top to bottom)

  • My key-chain that i use to put the car keys on when I have them with my Dale jr lanyard that I got for free at the track last year ;)
  • Midnight Pomegranate lotion from Bath and Body works
  • A little clear bag for chap-stick's and emergency make-up ;)
  • extra pink ponytails
  • cell phone
  • clutch wallet
  • planner and pens
  • sunglasses and reading glasses
(if you haven't notice, i have this quiet obsession with pink things)

That's whats in my purse! This is actually a very little amount of stuff that i have in it. I usually have more. LOL. That's why I refer to my purse as the bottomless pit.


  1. I like your purse! Cute! I recently put my bath and body works "sweet pea" lotion in my purse. I love it (: This looks like a fun post, I'm gonna steal it, LOL hope you don't mind. (: My purse is like a bottomless pit too, normally, one of my best friends always tells me I have "the world in there" haha.
    Have a great day! (:
    Karlee Kay

  2. Cute purse! And I love Bath and Body Works' products. :)

  3. It's always fun to see inside others purses :)

  4. Whoa!!! I totally have the same phone as you!!! How crazy is that??? Weird. Has your phone every given you problems?? Mine does all the time! Its sooooo weird. Technology is dumb some times. Cute purse btw!!! =]



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