October 2009 - Simply Samantha


1:25 PM

Ok, maybe its not that GREAT pumpkin. But they'll do ;)


Every year we carve pumpkins ( well, we try). So last night we worked on our pumpkins and watch, what else, The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.




Checking in

7:49 PM

I am so bad at blogging these days. but i guess it comes with the territory. The territory being that I'm in my junior year, searching for collages, taking PSAT, soon to be taking the CPT and who knows that other abbreviated tests i will be taking. Along with a busier life.

I basically get on my computer now for research, practice tests, school, school, school, facebook, twitter... and oh yea i forgot.. i had a blog... lol

You'd probably look at my normal day and say that my life is not busy at all. But you don't know whats going on in my brain. My brains been on overload...its insane... mostly on overload from thinking so much, about college and stuff.. Which isn't to bad seeing that I've been more motivated more to do better in my schooling. Not that I haven't been doing great in school its just that, might as well get more disciplined now before college then be hit with a huge surprise when i go.

My advice to kids in their sophomore year. PLEASE start praying about college and what you want to do NOW! lol. I did just a little bit but i should have been more diligent in it. You would not believe how hard it is to pick a college and prep for it. Yeah Yeah I know i still have a year and a half but that's still a short amount of time... in a way.

Hope your enjoying the "Collage Search" with Samantha...lol.. I'm somewhat enjoying it :)


6:30 PM

I'm back, dont worry i didn't forget about blogging :) I've been kind of on a vacation since Wednesday afternoon.
My PSAT's went well. I wont know my score till December. Oh well, heres hoping .. Lol

My sister turned 18 Wednesday! Its so weird that shes 18! She can vote now! crazyness. So as a gift from my parents we flew one of her friends from MD down here and we also got to stay at Disney for a day and attend Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween.

We had so much fun. I was on video duty so i dont have pictures on my laptop. All i have is this one :) enjoy :) .lol.. There are some my sis took that i wanted to post.. But that will have to wait till next time ;)

Dress Rehersal

12:54 PM

So I decided that i would try out my outfit for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party that I'm attending this Thursday night with my sister and her friend for her b-day.
I was on a budget and all i could think about was "Gator Fan" which i am. SO my friends lovely and awesome sister is letting me borrow her gator jersey ( because i have yet to own one) for Thursday and I was able to find some other orange and blue things around my house. And of course I had to get some black paint to go under my eyes.


Tada..lol.. In case you didn't know, Tim Tebow ( the Florida Gator quarterback and the best quarterback of all time in my opinion:) ) has a verse written on his black paint every time he play's. So, I'd thought I'd add some Tim Tebow to my outfit by putting John 3:16 under my eye.
I didn't notice that i wrote it backwards till after i had finished it :P Mom will be doing that come Thursday night :)

Happiness :)

10:04 PM

Happiness is coming home with some new clothes and the newest
Michael Bublé cd :)



2:24 PM

Ever look in your closet and go "WOW, i need some new clothes"
I should have checked my closet last weekend before we went out on the town. Because over this past week. I've realized I need some new clothes.

Now, I don't need like an entire wardrobe full of clothes but some nice shoes and shirts would great ;)


I realized over the week that, some shirts are now to short, to old looking, lost color, little fuzzy bumps all over, stains ( not big but small ones) and some are to big on me ( I lost some weight over the summer).
Now I'm not complaining, because I'm glad to actually have shirts. But 2-3 times a year I beg.... well let me rephrase that.... I politely ask my mom if we can go shopping :)

So luckily i have a light week of school this week and I'm PRAYING that Kohls and some of the stores around here will be having sale's starting tomorrow.

Here's hoping :)

What I've been listening too

1:23 PM

OK so i don't usually listen to this, only in the Spring do i get to listen to it :)
Our neighbors have goats. Cute mini goats, as i call them. They bought some new babies goats over the weekend :) And now we get to listen to this everyday.
(click on video :))

Cute right:) I thought so, then i continued, and continued for a very long time.....

I still think its cute..... to a point..... LOL
As i speak there crying again :)

( you will also see my limping dog in the video :) dont worry he's doing fine ;) )