2:24 PM

Ever look in your closet and go "WOW, i need some new clothes"
I should have checked my closet last weekend before we went out on the town. Because over this past week. I've realized I need some new clothes.

Now, I don't need like an entire wardrobe full of clothes but some nice shoes and shirts would great ;)


I realized over the week that, some shirts are now to short, to old looking, lost color, little fuzzy bumps all over, stains ( not big but small ones) and some are to big on me ( I lost some weight over the summer).
Now I'm not complaining, because I'm glad to actually have shirts. But 2-3 times a year I beg.... well let me rephrase that.... I politely ask my mom if we can go shopping :)

So luckily i have a light week of school this week and I'm PRAYING that Kohls and some of the stores around here will be having sale's starting tomorrow.

Here's hoping :)


  1. Hey Samantha- I know kohls and old navy are having sales. Target might be worth checking out to. Good luck!

  2. Awesome. :) Fall fashion is where it's AT. ;) I'm thinkin old navy is having sales on their cardigans & sweaters but i can't think of anywhere else at the moment! Haha. :)

  3. I know just how you feel!

  4. Samantha,

    Kohl's is having a really good sale right now here in Clermont...wanna go shopping? Please forgive me, Mikki, I've got a 30th class reunion coming up and need to go too! lol

    Big ((hugs))


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