Dress Rehersal

12:54 PM

So I decided that i would try out my outfit for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party that I'm attending this Thursday night with my sister and her friend for her b-day.
I was on a budget and all i could think about was "Gator Fan" which i am. SO my friends lovely and awesome sister is letting me borrow her gator jersey ( because i have yet to own one) for Thursday and I was able to find some other orange and blue things around my house. And of course I had to get some black paint to go under my eyes.


Tada..lol.. In case you didn't know, Tim Tebow ( the Florida Gator quarterback and the best quarterback of all time in my opinion:) ) has a verse written on his black paint every time he play's. So, I'd thought I'd add some Tim Tebow to my outfit by putting John 3:16 under my eye.
I didn't notice that i wrote it backwards till after i had finished it :P Mom will be doing that come Thursday night :)


  1. Cute outfit;) You hair looks really nice, too!

  2. You look lovely! However.. do you really have to be wearing a Gator jersy? Haha ;) Just kidding with ya'! Have lots of fun!!! Stay blessed!!

  3. GO GATORS!! ♥♥ lol. I would probably do it backwards if I tried too. :)

  4. What is it with people and the gators... I know so many gators fan's. Even people not from Florida. I love football, but we go mostly to NFL, and local highscool games. I read an article about the Gator QB in Sports Illustrated I think. He was doing some missonary work or something like that.

    Oh, and if you ask my Pa, Kurt Warner of the Arizona Cardinals is the best QB of all times. I am a Baltimore Ravens fan, but agree with him, when it comes to Kurt Warner.

    And I agree with Natalie, that you hair does look cute.


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