6:30 PM

I'm back, dont worry i didn't forget about blogging :) I've been kind of on a vacation since Wednesday afternoon.
My PSAT's went well. I wont know my score till December. Oh well, heres hoping .. Lol

My sister turned 18 Wednesday! Its so weird that shes 18! She can vote now! crazyness. So as a gift from my parents we flew one of her friends from MD down here and we also got to stay at Disney for a day and attend Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween.

We had so much fun. I was on video duty so i dont have pictures on my laptop. All i have is this one :) enjoy :) .lol.. There are some my sis took that i wanted to post.. But that will have to wait till next time ;)


  1. Precious! I'll be leaving for Texas tomorrow to attend my reunion so I'll be out of pocket for a few days. I'll miss ya but I'll be snapping lots of pics for when I get back!

    I loved this pic! Great job!

    Blessings and hugs to you, sweet one!

  2. Hey! I live in MD! (and love it)

    We go down to Disney every other year for vacation, but we always go in October for the off season (crowds are NO fun) and the not so scary haloween party is almost always during our stay there! Sadley though, this was our off year, but next year... Anyway, what a fun way to celebrate!

    My sister is turning 18 in a few days. It is kida weird that she will be driving, and voting, and well, a grown up! Oh, well. I'll get over it...


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