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What I've been listening too

1:23 PM

OK so i don't usually listen to this, only in the Spring do i get to listen to it :)
Our neighbors have goats. Cute mini goats, as i call them. They bought some new babies goats over the weekend :) And now we get to listen to this everyday.
(click on video :))

Cute right:) I thought so, then i continued, and continued for a very long time.....

I still think its cute..... to a point..... LOL
As i speak there crying again :)

( you will also see my limping dog in the video :) dont worry he's doing fine ;) )

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  1. Samantha,

    OK, the dog limping thing...too sad and I'm not an animal lover! lol

    And the goat thing.....Lord come quickly!

    Love ya...Have a blessed night and a wonderful Friday!

  2. How have you been? Hope everything is going great for you and have a wonderfully blessed weekend!!!


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