November 2011 - Simply Samantha
cotton on

For now

12:00 AM

So, your gonna have to put up with cruddy camera phone pictures for now, cause my lens is still broken on my SLR and I'm waiting for my precious new ipod to come in (which has a camera on it ;)).. which hopefully will be in a couple days..

My phone is a pretty good camera taker though :) as long as I edit it right :) lol


My Thanksgiving Outfit 
Sweater - H&M : Skirt - Cotton on

Let me know if you posted your thanksgiving outfit! Cause i want to see it :)


Monday Rambles

12:00 AM

In which i ramble about nothings and randomness..

~Ordered me one of these this weekend, my old one is just about to die..:D

~I'm ready for this school semester to be over.. I have a couple math tests left, a research paper i need to finish and one my psych break come soon!

~Pride and Prejudice was on 3x this weekend. And I watched it all 3 times :)
I am not ashamed.


~It's kind of funny when you mom asks you about your Christmas list and you tell her to check out pinterest bored ;)

black friday

Friday Shopping

12:00 AM

Its black friday! And sis and I are braving the crazy crowds at the mall for some retail therapy. LOL.
I'm in DESPERATE need of winter clothes and dress's for christmas partys so I'll hopefully be picking up something (or exactly) like these
Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

Oh course I'll also be picking up some things for friends and family which i can't wait to do too :)
So, If your shopping like me :) Please be safe and have fun and don't stress... to much...

Happy Thanksgiving

12:00 AM

Happy Thanksgiving all my sweet blog friends!!!

Be thankful, eat lots of food, and don't feel guilty about all the food your eating ;),
and don't forget to play some football!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


I'm ready

5:06 PM

I'm ready for the music

I'm ready for the gift making/giving

I'm ready to decorate the tree

by the way this isn't our tree ;) 

I'm ready to bake yummy cookies

Watch Elf over and over again

Photobucket Photobucket

And I'm super ready to celebrate our Lords birth :D 

I'm ready for Christmas!!

blog friends

Friday Favorites

12:00 AM

Michael Bubles trailer for his new Christmas cd - It just makes me love him even more :D

Cute Ballet Flats :) - Enough said.

Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

Source: via Hayley on Pinterest

Much Love Ily's Awesome giveaway! - Ilene is having an amazing giveaways.
One is for a pair of Blowfish shoes. Yes please!


And because i can - I'm posting the AMAZING Hunger Games Trailer.. again... Because I can't get enough of it and I get chillz everytime i watch it
(and i promise i wont post it anymore ;))


I should be

12:00 AM

I should be wearing this.

Top-Kohls : Jeans -Wet Seal : Boots-Thifted.

Not this.
Shirt - LC from Kohls : Capri's - Vera Wang from Kohls

Oh Florida weather. You make me laugh. 
Just 3 short days ago I was frezzing my butt off. Now I am having to turn the air conditioning on. 
In November.
Something is wrong with this picture..


10:42 AM

I wanna be taking pictures for you lovely people. But as of Sunday morning, my lenses is broken. I don't know why or how just that when I picked it up, it rattled. And if you own a camera over $200 you know when the lenses rattles it isn't good ;p. So i'll be spending my afternoon looking up camera lenses online. 
Fun stuff!!

hunger games

You knew

2:30 PM

I majority of you knew that I would blog about this. Mostly because I was and still am a huge fan of the books and have been for a long time. So i was SO excited to watch the premier of the Hunger Games trailer this morning on ABC.

I seriously get goosebumps watching it. I can already tell they are staying pretty close to the book and can't wait for March 23rd to get here :D
My mom was a little confused cause she hasn't read the books but she said by the look on my face while watching the trailer, she thinks its going to be good also :)

Oh and check out Laurens post about the trailer too :) its super cute and made me laugh :)

ok. Fangirl moment over. Moving on . :D


Friday Favorites

12:30 AM

Ours by Taylor Swift - Love love LOVE this song :) So simple and adorable!

Fun Band-aids - I love these from urban outfitters ;)

Source: via Mikayla on Pinterest

Kimberly Perry's Dress - I am in major love with Kimberly Perry's (from The Band Perry) dress she wore during her performance wednesday night on the CMA's. So beautiful!


Winter hats at target - SO so SO cute :) i need one :) My favorite is the first one :D

Photobucket Photobucket

Some tumblr favorites :) - Since i didn't get a chance to do a tumblr thursday, here is just a few of my favorites this week :)
(random? yes. But they make me smile :) )

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Hunger Games Trailer comes out monday!!!!
I am so excited :D And happy cause I'll already be up getting ready for school to see it!!! Eeep! I'm gonna be on like "fangirl" high the entire day at school monday ;)
It aire's during the early 8am hour EST on Good Morning America :) Tell you friends! 

Happy Friday Friends 
and have an amazing weekend!