Friday Favorites

12:30 AM

Ours by Taylor Swift - Love love LOVE this song :) So simple and adorable!

Fun Band-aids - I love these from urban outfitters ;)

Source: via Mikayla on Pinterest

Kimberly Perry's Dress - I am in major love with Kimberly Perry's (from The Band Perry) dress she wore during her performance wednesday night on the CMA's. So beautiful!


Winter hats at target - SO so SO cute :) i need one :) My favorite is the first one :D

Photobucket Photobucket

Some tumblr favorites :) - Since i didn't get a chance to do a tumblr thursday, here is just a few of my favorites this week :)
(random? yes. But they make me smile :) )

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Hunger Games Trailer comes out monday!!!!
I am so excited :D And happy cause I'll already be up getting ready for school to see it!!! Eeep! I'm gonna be on like "fangirl" high the entire day at school monday ;)
It aire's during the early 8am hour EST on Good Morning America :) Tell you friends! 

Happy Friday Friends 
and have an amazing weekend!


  1. You are one of many who has shared the trailer! ;) I have yet to read the books, actually. I did go to the library last week and try to find them, but, alas, they were not anywhere. :( Guess I'll have to try a larger library...

    As for the bandaids? Those are pretty awesome. I saw some DIY fabric bandaids over the summer that I liked as well (You basically trace a pattern, cut out the fabric, and then glue it to a brown cloth bandaid). They are much prettier than normal ones. :) Personally, I'd want a whole batch of "Shark Bite" ones.

  2. I love the band perry! My favorite is if I die young:) I love shimmery dresses too!
    Cuuute bandaids<3


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