You knew

2:30 PM

I majority of you knew that I would blog about this. Mostly because I was and still am a huge fan of the books and have been for a long time. So i was SO excited to watch the premier of the Hunger Games trailer this morning on ABC.

I seriously get goosebumps watching it. I can already tell they are staying pretty close to the book and can't wait for March 23rd to get here :D
My mom was a little confused cause she hasn't read the books but she said by the look on my face while watching the trailer, she thinks its going to be good also :)

Oh and check out Laurens post about the trailer too :) its super cute and made me laugh :)

ok. Fangirl moment over. Moving on . :D


  1. girl, had goosebumps AND cried while watching it a million times over! cannot. wait. and YES, loved Lauren's post over it too!


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