Monday Rambles

12:00 AM

In which i ramble about nothings and randomness..

~Ordered me one of these this weekend, my old one is just about to die..:D

~I'm ready for this school semester to be over.. I have a couple math tests left, a research paper i need to finish and one my psych break come soon!

~Pride and Prejudice was on 3x this weekend. And I watched it all 3 times :)
I am not ashamed.


~It's kind of funny when you mom asks you about your Christmas list and you tell her to check out pinterest bored ;)


    I told my Mom the same when she asked- and then she said I should just pick out my own stuff...

  2. I need to see that movie!! Gonna be a winter watch ;) Yup, I'll direct my family and friends to my pinterest board too ;D

    much love♥

  3. YESSS. school is so close to being ove (for this semester at least.
    love your Christmas wishlist board, BTW :)


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