May 2010 - Simply Samantha

Friday favorites

12:53 PM

This is my FAVORITE song at the moment :) I'm not a big fan of Katharine Mcphee though i think she gotten 100% better then when she was one American Idol.

I am a fan of Zachary Levi. Chuck is my favorite show :) Never knew he had such a great voice! :)



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First Q&A vlog!

4:28 PM

Hey Everyone! So below is my first Q&A blog! I had so much fun answering your questions!

1 more thing before you watch

1. I talk with my hands.. I apologize if that gets on your nerves :)

Oh and I put make-up on for you guys this time :) I forgot on the last video I did :)

Enjoy :)

I loved making this. Please send in more questions for the next video :)

Miscellany Monday

3:51 PM

1.I love finding out the meaning of names. Like mine.

Meaning -


As Samantha is likely an English variation on Samuel, it does not retain the original Hebrew meaning "heard by God," as it is not a Hebrew name.The name Samantha originated as an Biblical name. In Biblical the name Samantha means- listener of god.

2.I have 2 books on my nightstand that I have yet to finish. I started reading them 2 months ago. Procrastinate much?

3. Since I'm done school for the summer (except math) I've been watching reruns of The Fresh Prince of Bel-air on t.v

FRESH P Pictures, Images and Photos

4. I've been missing my cousins lately :( Especially the one below. He's a clown ;)


5. I seriously don't think i've blogged this much in a while! It feels good.

6. I'm a over-thinker and stressor. Sadly.....I wish i wasn't. My life would be much easier.

7. "Dream as if you will live forever; Live as if you will die today." — James Dean

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1:24 PM

My dog likes purses. Especially purses that are on his level and have food in them. He's even been known to take a good smelling chap-stick or two. This time it was my emergency snack bar that i keep in my purse.



Oh and bloggers don't forget to send in your questions for my Q&A. It could be about sports,my blog, anything :)


Sports - Vickers out??!!

5:54 PM

As part of my new blog i'll be writing more sports news oriented blog posts. Hope you enjoy :)

So this week is the news of NASCAR race car driver Brian Vickers being out of the car for the rest of the season.

( i took this photo this past February at a nascar event. LOVE his smile ;) )


Last week reported that Vickers had been admitted to a Washington area hospital for blood clots in his legs and by his lungs.

During a media conference friday afternoon Vickers told the press he would be out of the #83 red-bull toyota race car for 6 months (which includes the rest of the nascar season).

There are not sure what cause the blood clots.Vickers doctors said it could take months before they figure out what happened.

"This sucks -- because this is what I love to do," Vickers said. "This is my life, this is what I love to do. I fully intend to be able to do it again."(

When i heard about this last week. I was shocked. I think Brian has an AMAZING potential to be a great driver. I was looking forward to see how he would do the rest of the season and into the chase. Guess we'll all be looking forward to his season next year :).

"I do expect to be back in the car next season, and to win the Daytona 500," Vickers said.(


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Friday Funny

11:55 AM

Jaxson wanted to get in on my sisters Graduation party action :)



NNS Testing...oh. an a new blog look

2:41 PM

Yay!!! The new blog look is done! well! I'm very excited with how it turned out :)

So yesterday I headed up to DB with a friend to the race track to watch the Nascar Nationwide car testing. Needless to say we had a blast :)







So instead of writing all about my day I made a vlog :) (video blog) at the end of the video I talk about what happened while we were at the track and about my new blog layout.


Under Construction

2:00 PM

Simply Samantha is UNDER CONSTRUCTION..

Stay tuned for a new blog template!


10:32 AM

FINALLY! ( yes this post calls for big letters)

I figured out how to get my hair to curl. The right way.

My hair is probably thanking me for putting down the straightener for a while and going with the curls :)


Wanna see how i did it :) check this girl out. She has amazing tutorials :)

Now my hair isn't EXACTLY like her's. One reason is because i have CRAZY thick hair!