First Q&A vlog!

4:28 PM

Hey Everyone! So below is my first Q&A blog! I had so much fun answering your questions!

1 more thing before you watch

1. I talk with my hands.. I apologize if that gets on your nerves :)

Oh and I put make-up on for you guys this time :) I forgot on the last video I did :)

Enjoy :)

I loved making this. Please send in more questions for the next video :)


  1. Hey, Samantha!

    Loved this...awesome idea. And don't worry. I talk with my hands as well, and I didn't really notice until you said it:)


  2. Love it! And thank you for answering my questions ;)

    You used the English pronunciaton of my name and I have no problem with it. But we pronounce the "An" at the beginning different. A bit like "un" in "understanding".

  3. Hey! I really enjoyed watching this! :) It was very interesting! :) I really only noticed you talking with your hands a little, and it didn't bother me, at all. I do it too. ;)


  4. haha I enjoyed watching this!!! :) I talk with my hands all the time to and all my friends make fun of me sometimes for it. lol



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