10:32 AM

FINALLY! ( yes this post calls for big letters)

I figured out how to get my hair to curl. The right way.

My hair is probably thanking me for putting down the straightener for a while and going with the curls :)


Wanna see how i did it :) check this girl out. She has amazing tutorials :)

Now my hair isn't EXACTLY like her's. One reason is because i have CRAZY thick hair!


  1. Ohhhh, thanks for posting! I have never been good at curling my hair.... I think I am going to go try this tonight!

  2. Very cool! I used to wash my hair and then braid it and sleep on it and that gives great curls as well. Have a blessed weekend! :)

  3. Your hair looks so cute!! I love it! :)

  4. Hey, I just came back to watch some of this video and am loving her stuff...gotta try out^_^


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