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As part of my new blog i'll be writing more sports news oriented blog posts. Hope you enjoy :)

So this week is the news of NASCAR race car driver Brian Vickers being out of the car for the rest of the season.

( i took this photo this past February at a nascar event. LOVE his smile ;) )


Last week reported that Vickers had been admitted to a Washington area hospital for blood clots in his legs and by his lungs.

During a media conference friday afternoon Vickers told the press he would be out of the #83 red-bull toyota race car for 6 months (which includes the rest of the nascar season).

There are not sure what cause the blood clots.Vickers doctors said it could take months before they figure out what happened.

"This sucks -- because this is what I love to do," Vickers said. "This is my life, this is what I love to do. I fully intend to be able to do it again."(

When i heard about this last week. I was shocked. I think Brian has an AMAZING potential to be a great driver. I was looking forward to see how he would do the rest of the season and into the chase. Guess we'll all be looking forward to his season next year :).

"I do expect to be back in the car next season, and to win the Daytona 500," Vickers said.(


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  1. Haha he does have a cute smile, love it. ;)


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