March 2010 - Simply Samantha

Am I the only one

6:55 PM

I'm sitting her listening to "80's music" on Pandora. Why? Well....... i really don't know.... i just felt like it.... I'm afraid to turn it up to loud because my mom might hear :) Not that i would get in trouble.. she might just start bursting out in song...

Anyway I was wondering if I'm the only one that does this.


Do you reuse your Venti Starbucks cups? I do. Not for long but at least for a day or 2. Maybe I just like the feel of the cup, or the look of that green straw.. I don't know. I just like it :)

Fun Fact

5:49 PM

So I hope you find this interesting if not, sorry i wasted 2 minuets of your life .. LOL :)

My family and I noticed something bout 2 weeks ago that we have never noticed in my 16 years of living.

I'm knock-kneed.
(its the left.. or in this case the right)

What's funny about it that we never noticed it till about 2 weeks ago.

Just a little fun fact about myself.. hope you enjoyed it :)

Nearly a week

1:31 PM

Ok, I have officially become a bad blogger.. its been a WEEK ( ok not a whole week but close enough) since i last posted. See... I really don't have a life... LOL..

Last week was kind of busy, our co-op was starting back up after a break and i got caught up with some other stuff.
This week i don't have that much school which is nice but i have nothing exciting to blog about :0 shocker :) lol
This post isn't really that exciting in and of it self as a matter of fact :)

I could write my opion about the wreck last week that involed my driver.
(and no that isn't my driver in the red car that is in the air.. my driver is the one driving away :))

But I think that would bore you too much

I could write about the bread I made. Which was delicious... but i think thats also a little boring 2 :)LOL

Oh well, lets pray something exciting happens soon :)
I do find the time to tweet so if you have a twitter feel free to follow me! i'd love to hear from ya!
And even if you dont but still want to know whats up.. thats cool too :)



2:04 PM

Thumper: No, that's a flower.
Bambi: Flower?
Thumper: Uh-huh, it's purty.
[Thumper smells the flowers.]
Bambi: Purty.
[Bambi starts smelling the flowers, and comes nose-to-nose with a little skunk.]
Bambi: Flower!
Flower: Me?
Thumper: [laughing hysterically] That's not a flower! He's a little-
Flower: Oh, that's all right. He can call me a flower if he wants to; I don't mind.
Bambi: Purty. Purty flower!
Thumper: [starts to giggle] Oh, gosh.


Friday Favorites

4:20 PM

I love "Friday Favorites"!

My favorite man in the world. And he knows it ;)

My favorite new wall decor' in my room.

Hope you all are having a good friday. Mines ok, battling a head cold. drinking lots of OJ and water. I thought that getting up and moving around and doing some fun dancing in my room would help. Umm, no.... :)
Have a great weekend everybody!

One thing about me :)

6:08 PM

So i figured its time for another "Samantha Deep blog post". You know, the post where i "try" to share my spiritual thoughts at the moment. Hopefully this will go well :)

One thing about me that I haven't really talked about on my blog yet is where I stand on purity. I feel its a very important subject I just haven't gotten around to writing about it.

I'm saving everything for future spouse..... ok not EVERYTHING. but it includes my first kiss and well.. i think you can fiqure out what else :)
Around 9 my mom introduced us to the concept of saving our first kiss. Through a little book called "The Princess Kiss" (which I recommend parents with young girls to read)
Later on when I turned 13 mom explained to us how they (my parents) desired us (my sister and I) to save our WHOLE-SELF ( physically and emotionally) for our future spouse.
"WHAT, that's not POSSIBLE" some of you might be thinking... "your not even going to touch your boyfriend before your married" i don't mean exactly that. I've just decided that its Gods will for me to save myself fully physically and emotionally and my first kiss for marriage.
What this intails ( no no's while dating or in my sense courting)

  • no front hugs
  • no kissing
  • no long tight holding
  • no "lounging" on each other ( why? cause that can lead to unpure things)
  • no long dates together unless parents are on the date also ;)
  • no long talks on the phone without parent nearby
(why are parents involved? I believe that if you can't say something in front of your parents, then i dosen't need to be said to the boyfriend so if the parents are there so you are not tempted to go into long "spiritual and emotional" conversations with the boyfriend by yourselves)

Some of you might be thinking my parents brain washed me into this way of thinking.
Yes, they did say they desire me to take on this type of lifestyle when it came to dating and they read me books about it. But i really think God opened my heart to the idea. I mean think about it. I could have rebelled and been like every worldly girl out there. But I didn't. I love to make my parents happy, I love to make my Father in Heaven happy. And if that means saving myself. Then Ok. Truthfully. I think in the end its going to make me even more happier then my parents. I'm going to stand in front of all my friends and family (some of who thought i would probably NEVER find a husband with the way i was going to approach dating) and show them that God made this happen. He wrote my love story.
It does happen. I've seen it happen and read about it happening.
Yes, its hard seeing friends dating and I admit i wounder why i don't have a boyfriend like everyone else. But I've been brought up on this wonderful sentence said by my momma lots of times.
"If your friends jump off a bridge,are you going to?"
Truthfully it depends on the bridge... JUST KIDDING....
No, I wouldn't jump. I like to go in the opposite direction of other people. If we were all meant to be the same wouldn't you think God would have created us that way.
So while I see girls my age with boyfriends. I just think about the future and how happy I'll be. Good things always come to those who wait. I believe this to be true and I believe God could write a better love story then I could ever write :)

2 Timothy 2:22 22 Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.
Philippians 4:8 8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.