Nearly a week

1:31 PM

Ok, I have officially become a bad blogger.. its been a WEEK ( ok not a whole week but close enough) since i last posted. See... I really don't have a life... LOL..

Last week was kind of busy, our co-op was starting back up after a break and i got caught up with some other stuff.
This week i don't have that much school which is nice but i have nothing exciting to blog about :0 shocker :) lol
This post isn't really that exciting in and of it self as a matter of fact :)

I could write my opion about the wreck last week that involed my driver.
(and no that isn't my driver in the red car that is in the air.. my driver is the one driving away :))

But I think that would bore you too much

I could write about the bread I made. Which was delicious... but i think thats also a little boring 2 :)LOL

Oh well, lets pray something exciting happens soon :)
I do find the time to tweet so if you have a twitter feel free to follow me! i'd love to hear from ya!
And even if you dont but still want to know whats up.. thats cool too :)


  1. hey no worries! i've been an awful blogger lately too.

    my life has been so hectic, but there's nothing to blog about...? that sound dumb, but it's true! ;)

  2. You're not a bad blogger! People who blog every day can sometimes make it seem like there's always something to say and sometimes there is a time to be silent and just reflect. :) Have a blessed day!!
    p.s. I would love to hear you're opinion on the wreck that involved your driver! lol and the bread looks really great!! :)


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