Friday Favorites

4:20 PM

I love "Friday Favorites"!

My favorite man in the world. And he knows it ;)

My favorite new wall decor' in my room.

Hope you all are having a good friday. Mines ok, battling a head cold. drinking lots of OJ and water. I thought that getting up and moving around and doing some fun dancing in my room would help. Umm, no.... :)
Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Hope your feeling better. Ellie has a little cold that is still hanging on.

    LOVE the Audry Hepburn picture. Wasn't she the most elegant, beautiful, graceful women?

  2. Haha! You gotta cute man there. :D Oh my gosh your wall decor is so flippin cute!

    My Friday is going good, could be better, but hey it's alright! :D Have a great weekend yourself! I Pray you get better. ;)

  3. nice choice of wall decor! hope you feel better soon. my brother's been sick and i think i'm getting it too. :/


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