Zevia #TheNewSweet

2:11 PM

Florida doesn't seem to know what "Spring" is.
This year it felt like the weather went from cold to hot within days. 

Even though spring feels like summer here, the flowers still bloom, the gardens grow, and its at least nice enough to go outside in the evenings.
My daily spring routine always includes getting home in the afternoon and going in the backyard with our pup with a yummy drink by my side.
Zevia has a new Spring campaign and I think it's pretty sweet.
Here is a little bit abut the campaign...
 :: To celebrate the fun changes that Spring brings, Zevia has launched The New Sweet campaign!  As you know, Zevia is a fresh take on an old standard.  We’ve taken what you may have thought about soda and rewritten the rules!  In honor of Spring cleaning, we’re asking you to do the same and show us a fresh spin on your Spring routine! Whether that’s a mini-adventure or a palette swap at home, we want to see you take a tired routine and give it life and pair it up with your favorite Zevia drink.

This spring I found out I am on a new adventure that starts in the fall that will shake up my daily spring/summer/fall/and winter routine.
I was accepted into a great online bachelor program from the University of Florida. 
Go Gators! 

So, this new adventure calls for a new creation with the help of Zevia. 

I call it, 
"The Chomp
*One Part Orange Juice
*One Part Zevia Lemon Lime Twist
(I used a cherry flavored grenadine, add as much or as little as you'd like) 
I like to shake up mine in a mason jar and take it outside to enjoy the great spring (or summer like) weather with my pup.

Don't forget to share YOUR favorite Zevia soda along side your new spring routine with the hashtag #TheNewSweet on instagram and twitter!!


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