May the 4th Be With You

11:13 AM

I know when you look at my blog, I really don't have anything on here that screams

But, if you happen to follow me on twitter and instagram, its pretty obvious.

Like any other Star Wars fan out there, I remember the first time I watched A New Hope and from then on I have done nothing but love the movies. 

I think I started labeling myself as a "star wars nerd" when the special limited edition trading cards had their own special binder and I could easily tell you the difference between an AT-AT and an AT-ST.

I've never been loud about my slight obsession with the films.
However, if you watch my closely you'll find hidden clues. 
I may be drinking coffee out of my favorite star wars mug in my favorite star wars leggings.
Or you might hear a slight "whoosh" from my back pocket when I receive a text message.

Ok... maybe the clues aren't so hidden.... 

I'm that type of person who loves A LOT of things. Some things more then others.
Star Wars happens to be one of those things.

On this special "Star Wars" day I wanted to share 3 awesome things that you need to check out on this 
May the 4th.
 Nerd or not.

These just came out today and give us, who are waiting in anticipation for the new film, a better look at the new characters. Up till now we've only gotten bits and pieces of the new characters and who they are. These photos give you a little bit deeper glance and just add to the excitement December will bring. 
BTW I am pretty sure Poe Dameron is going to be my new favorite character. 

UF Star Wars Shirts:
Now this one is a little biased unless you are a Florida Gator fan.
I knew my school was cool but how did I not know they had UF themed Star Wars Shirts!
I need these in my life! 

I think I have mentioned Her Universe in a Friday Favorites post a while back, but I wanted to mention them again because I think it is the best site for all your girl nerd needs. Her Star Wars designs are on point and she even has lots of other nerdy clothes and accessories for your own nerd preference. 
Below is one of my favorite shirt designs at the moment but trust me, there are more to love. 
If you get a chance you should check out Ashley's story about why she created Her Universe.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful day and 
May the 4th Be with You


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