Things people never tell you

10:27 AM

Over the weekend my husband and I had the privilege to be in our friends wedding. It is definitely different being on the other side of the isle seeing that I was the bride at the last wedding I attended. It was weird but fun watching my friend go through all the same experiences and emotions that I did. I definitely now have even more respect for my bridesmaids seeing all that I probably put them through now that I have been on their side.

I sat with my dear friend as she had her hair and makeup done and started talking about marriage and all its fun and not so fun stuff. We giggled as I told her there are a lot of things that people don't tell you what interesting things happen when you get married. I guess its just so you can figure it out yourself, but I also think it is good to know what you are getting yourself into. ;) 

So without further ado, here is a list of things I think young women (and men) should know about marriage.... 

1. Within in the first couple of days you will find out who is the bed hog. *points to self*. Steve got to a point that within the first week of being married he started sleeping with his own blanket and gave me the comforter. We still sleep like that to this day.

2. Chores suck even when you are married. Especially when there is only two of you and you start bargaining and divvying out chores. I can pretty much clean most of the house but I hate cleaning the shower and putting dishes away so Steve does those. 

3. Family and Friends will assume you have more time now that the wedding is over and your are married. 
Nope. Things just get busier and even though you live with each other now you still feel like you don't get enough time together. 
I think that is probably one of the hardest things for me to hear is when people tell me that since I live with my husband and I "see him all the time" that I should have more time to do other things and go out with friends. When in all reality I don't see him all the time and we still have to make time together outside the time we spend at home. Because home is home and the time together there isn't the same as going out.  

4. Your husband will figure out when its "your time of the month" very quickly. He will learn the signs and be able to prepare himself with chocolate and sympathy. 

5. The embarrassment of farting, blowing your nose, and coughing up icky stuff will go out the window within a couple of months. You will soon find yourself farting on each other for pay back. As gross as it is....

6. NO ONE CUDDLES AFTER ..... well you know.. 
The movies lie. 

7.  Men just don't listen sometimes.
And as women we will annoy our husbands by talking to much.

8. You will see your significant others best and worst and thats ok. Just remember their worst doesn't define them. Only their best.

9. You will bicker about stupid stuff. My favorite argument that Steve and I have ever had was over ice cream.

10. Having someone there to hold you when you need it, to love you at your worst, to wake up too even though their back is turned, to get you a roll of toilet paper while your sitting on the toilet, to text you every day, and to laugh with is the most amazing thing in the world. 

Do any of you have anything that you found out happened in marriage that you didn't know would happen? 
I feel every month I find out something new. 


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