Friday Favorites

11:40 AM

LC and Minnie Mouse:
I didn't think it could get any better after her creation of the Cinderella collection for Kohls, but it is. Lauren Conrad is creating the most adorable Minnie Mouse collection. I can already tell I will want most of it. The only question I have is "Where do I sign up to be a Blog Ambassador for the LC Collection?" lol

Tea Chart:
I love this little tea chart. I drink tea whenever I am feeling even a little bit ill. Whenever I get "glutened" I drink some Chamomile Tea and it works wonders. I'm personally not a fan of peppermint tea but I'm thinking I might need to give it another try because I've heard it is good for sensitive stomachs.

Baby Pool:
I think buying a baby pool for our pup was the smartest thing I did this weekend. I am very thankful for the sweetest target lady that went above and beyond to find me one seeing I haven't been able to find one for weeks! When we first adopted him, we did not think Bruno liked the water. But on our first trip to the dog park he followed a fellow dog into the water and has been addicted ever since. Its a great way to drain his energy since we are gone most of the day. He's pretty good about not being too destructive in the yard with the pool. Most for the time he just runs laps then lays in the pool. He's our personal source of entertainment.

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