What I've learned

1:57 PM

(this is our pre-thanksgiving dinner nap)

What I've learned about being a newlywed: 
(in the two weeks that I've actually been one)

My cooking skills are better then I thought (except for toast, the one thing I will always burn)

Once you are aware you are going to be helping pay for bills, the more conscious you are about turning lights off, turning the heat off, how many times you do laundry, and how many times you run the dishwasher.
(yes mom, you may say "I told you so")

Having antenna tv does save you money. But it does not save you from yelling at each other (playfully) when you or your spouse walk in front of the antenna and mess up the signal and picture.

You realize how much crap you have and it feels like it takes forever to get it all cleaned up and organized

Your Christmas decoration are 10x less amazing then your parents

No matter whether I am in my parents house or mine. I still have to do dishes (most of the time)

I am apparently a bed sheet/blanket stealer.

Waking up to your best friend and saying good morning to each other is a great and wonderful thing
(well most mornings, some morning I'm awoken by a blaring alarm clock and then I watch the hubby get ready with blurry sleepy eyes and I dont say good morning till I have had coffee) 


  1. :-) 20 some years down the road.. you'll still be learning.. and falling more in love.
    Love ya <3


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