Crazy Life

1:28 PM

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We are now into the final stretch of wedding preparation. Finalizing decorations, final fitting, final plans. Its getting so close and so real.
I'm ready for the whole planning part and telling people what to do/help with part, to be over with. I'm ready for it to be the BIG day, I'm ready to move into my new house, I'm ready for a new chapter in my life. Can't wait!

I'm so ready to settle down and start this new chapter. I've always been that person that if I found the right guy, I would have no problem settling down right away.
Sure, I have goals, goals most's people would want to do while they are single, but now I will have someone always there to encourage me in my goals and to be there for me and vice versa :)

Anyway, with all this excitement comes busyness which in turn leads to absentness on the blog. But i will be back when I can!


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