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A year

12:00 AM

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One year ago today. I met Steve.

Yup, it has only been 1 year. Trust me, it seems so much longer.

People ask me all the time if it was "love at first sight?" when I walked into the sanctuary at our local college/young adults ministry and saw this tall blond haired guy sitting in the front row during worship practice.
Steve has told me "yes". Well in his words..... "I thought you were hot" ...
I on the other hand will be honest and say 'not really".
Its not that I didnt find him cute or anything like that. I thought he was very cute.. and tall.. and kind of loud. But up till that point, I had never met Steve before. Ever. In my entire life. All I knew was we had a mutual friend at the college ministry and he was "just visiting". I don't remember thinking "Hey! its my future husband".

I will be honest though. I get a little teary thinking about how that one normal day.. was the start of something truly new and amazing.

I apparently made a really good impression. Fast forward a month later we started talking on facebook, which in turn lead to seeing each other again after a month from first meeting, then we started dating, and then 3 months later we were engaged, and in less then 2 months we will be married.

That may seem like a little fast for some people. I have definitely been told that.
But, when God brings that person into your life, and things go smoothly, and you can't imagine any reason why you shouldn't be together, and that person answers all the prayers you have prayed for for your future mate, it doesn't seem fast. It seems right.

Thanks for visiting that day. Thanks for thinking I was hot. Thanks for stalking me on facebook and instagram for a month to a point I had to message you and call you a stalker. Thanks for bringing me chick-fil-a on the day we decided to date, without me asking you too, confirming the fact that I definitely wanted to date you.
Thanks for always telling me you are the luckiest guy in the world. I am definitely the luckiest girl. 
Thank you for being so patience and caring when I need it most.
Thanks for loving my family and wanting to be apart of it.
Thank you for serving our country. Even though I didn't know you during your deployment, I am nevertheless proud of you for doing what you did and your sacrifice.

And finally, thank you for choosing me. You could have chosen whoever you wanted and you chose this anxiety filled, accident prone, easily stressed clutz. God help you ;) 


'When I first saw you, I fell in love. 

And you smiled because you knew."


This bride...

1:30 PM

... wears her boots!

I'm so excited that I finally bought a pair of legit boots! I haven't owned a pair since I was little and I'm pretty sure my mom bought those. lol.

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OOTD // Shirt: HandM // Pants : Forever 21 // Belt: Mom //
 Boots: Durango //

Now if only this silly Florida weather would cooperate so I can ware them without sweating like a mad women.

Him and Me

Him and Me

4:20 PM

This is me
This is Him

We met and started dating in Fall of 2012

We feel quickly in love and wed in November of 2013

Together we like watching movies, going to the beach, fixing up our house,
eating sweets, laughing at each other, and going to Disney.

He Likes: Football, Being a Man, Playing basketball and softball, Sweet Tea, Batman, Sour Skittles, fun socks, and relaxing at the house.
She likes: Reading, Blogging, Cooking, StarBucks, time at the beach, Mike n Ikes, Shopping, and foot rubs.

Our story may be short right now but its going to get longer, more adventuress, and more fun so stay tuned! 

daily outfit


1:36 PM

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OOTD // Shoes:Target // Shirt: Rue 21 // Jeans: LC by Lauren Conrad

Its that time of year again. Time to wear Orange and Blue on Saturdays.
Go Gators.

This year is kind of exciting too because my towns local private college has a football team again after 57 years. So it's super cool to say "I live in a college football town".
Even though it is nothing compared to the big public colleges, its still something :) 

It is also getting super close to "the BIG DAY". 
I can't believe there is still so much to do!
It is exciting nevertheless.